Thursday, March 26, 2015


"Give us Barabbas" is what the people said when faced with the choice to save either a criminal or the Christ.

I just read this incredible devotional this morning and was so convicted by the explanation of Barabbas. He was not a random addition! His full name was Jesus Barabbas, and bar -abba means son of the father. So they were give the choice to save Jesus son of the father or Jesus Son of the Father. Whoa. "Choose the false man or the true man."

We have that same choice now. We can choose Christ, His path, His life, giving Him control. Or, we can choose our sin. We can choose ourselves.

"Choosing Barabbas didn’t force the crowd to face their own sin. They could go on living their comfortable lives if they got rid of Jesus. Admitting that Christ is the true Son of God changes everything. It changes how we spend every moment of every day. It feels so much easier to just pat myself on the back and choose Barabbas—”look, I set the prisoner free!”
I’ve got to stop choosing Barabbas! I don’t want to live the false life; I want to stand in the truth! I don’t need to be lord of the sabbath; I acknowledge that Christ is Lord. I choose Him instead of me."

Today, I want to choose Christ.

Go here for the full study:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So this For The Love book is amazing. Seriously speaking truth into my life. But you know what's even better, community.

There is a "closed" Facebook group for all of us launch teamers to talk about the book, but it's gotten to be way more than that! We are meeting up, making friends, being vulnerable, and praying for one another. I've never felt such an instant connection with this many women at one time before. It is life giving. I am laughing, crying, praying, and feeling revitalized. I am giving myself grace and dolling it out for others.

Why wasn't I doing this all along?

I think I've been feeling a little burned out. Exhausted. Dry. Stagnate. I've been reading the Word, I've been praying, I've been doing my thing, but haven't felt passionate for a little while. For someone who loves to feel passionate, it's so draining to full like everything is dim (spiritually). So this book is not the Bible and should not replace my alone time with God, but it has done some great things for me. It has helped me start laughing at myself, at the world, at Jen Hatmaker (because she's hysterical, bless). It has led me to a group of women who are exactly where I am right now (ok there are a few men in the group, but they don't post much because...they're men.) We are different ages, different life stages, different locations, but we are all struggling through life and most of us are struggling through the God thing too. We are putting too much on our plates, we are self-critical, we are isolated (often by our own "choosing"), and so much more. But now we are together. And in this togetherness we are open, honest, genuine, vulnerable. And in this togetherness we are getting grace, giving grace, encouraging each other, and praying for one another. It's so beautiful. It's like having all my weird, sarcastic friends all in one place, ha.

It has been life giving.

And with all this new found grace for myself and others, with this new perspective on God's love toward me and others, I am finding new life in God's Word. I am wearing His glasses and allowing my heart to be soft for His work once more. For the Love.

Monday, March 16, 2015

3 Years

Happy Birthday, RB! You are THREE!

Fun facts for year 3:

Weight: 30lbs

Height: 35in.

Sleeping: 1 naps per day, all night

Diaper: We are POTTY TRAINED, whoop.

What's new for year 3:
  • This girl amazes me. She is so funny, talkative, loving, adventurous, quiet, and crazy. What an awesome kid.
  • She loves to learn. She can say all her colors, numbers (up to 15 with some help to 20), letters, and is currently working on the sounds of letters. 
  • She really wants to learn to sound out small words. She can spell CAR and CAT with a little help.
  • She loves to draw, paint, make projects, or anything else that involves art supplies (especially glue sticks)
  • She loves her brother and is so sweet
  • She is still attached to the blanket, but at least it's only at nap time for the last year. It is slowly coming apart. 
  • She is pretty good at cooking/baking. She can stir like a boss. She is also great at dumping ingredients into the bowl and follows instructions really well. 
  • She loves to run in circles while singing Ring Around the Rosie
  • She loves to sing (Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Frere Jacques, Jingle Bells, Jesus Loves the Little children sort of, Oh No You Never Let Go)
  • She loves her tricycle and being outside
  • She loves to pick dandelions and throw their seeds into the air
  • She loves bubbles
  • She loves puzzles
  • She loves chalk 
  • She has lots of little friends, but her besties are always boys...not sure how I feel about that, but I can't complain because that was so me for a long time. 
  • She loves dinosaurs, planes, fire trucks, trains, cars, race cars, blocks, music, dancing, spinning, running, studying, sliding, climbing, and reading
  • Books are her go to as far as "toys" go
  • She is very sweet about taking care of her babies (Mary, Lindy Lou, and Allison - all her names of choice)
  • She loves to pretend and has a great imagination (This morning: Mommy! Last night, we all changed clothes and drove a spaceship in the water! And Daddy! He drove! And the fishes! Over there!) 
  • She does like animals up close, only from a distance
  • She loves her big girl bed
  • She prefers to sit in a highchair than a real chair (I think because she is short for her age)
  • She loves hair clips, braids, pigtails, and changing clothes
  • She has a very distinct taste in what she wears
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Her favorite food is chocolate
  • She eats almost anything and even likes food from many different countries 
  • She is still very shy in public 
  • She likes to "baby wear" - she puts her baby in her shirt and tells me she is helping the baby calm down
  • She likes to pick out her own clothes
  • She loves making her brother laugh 
  • She is good at climbing

Friday, March 13, 2015

For The Love

Oh my goodness, people. I feel like I have won the lottery! I was one of the people chosen to pre-read the book For The Love by Jen Hatmaker and it is a-mazing. Ok, so I am only on chapter four, but seriously guys it's not like we had any doubt it would be life changing. I was looking for a new book to read and God knew. God knows exactly where my heart is and what I need to be learning right now. He is speaking to the core of me, using His Word and this book. He packs a punch, friends!

So, I cannot share any details with you yet, but soooon {insert little school girl squeal}. In the mean time, pre-order this book. Don't delay. I am always in favor of supporting your favorite book store (Logos Bookstore - Dallas shoutout right here), but it's also available online.

GUYS. Life changing.

15 Months

Happy 15 Months, Buddy!

I love it when you make the picture bigger and it's blurry...
Fun facts for month fourteen:
Weight: ~22lbs
Height: ~29 inches
Eating: 3 meals/1 snack
Sleeping: 2 naps per day, all night (he is changing the time of his first nap though)
Diaper: Size 4 diapers
Clothing: 9-12 months, 12 months, 12-18 months 
  •  He says "bye bye", "yiy" (hi), "yay!", "mommay", "dadday" (a little bit), "nie, nie" (just a few times - night night)
  • He is chewing on people now with his 6 teeth! The upper four have come in fast
  • He points at things a lot and babbles about them
  • He claps
  • He waves
  • He has this new laugh that is short and fast like an automatic weapon
  • He seems to be obeying occasionally, when I says no, he stops and looks at me - he obeyed for the very first time 3/1/15
  • "uh oh" is his favorite phrase which drives RB crazy because she knows you are only supposed to say it when you drop something so she always says, "What he drop??" or "Whatchyou drop?"
  • He can walk across the room, but still prefers to crawl around
  • He is getting less picky about what he eats
  • He has started liking simple puzzles
  • He loves people, but especially his sister
  • He has started really enjoying reading and will bring me books to read throughout the day (victory!)
  • He is so destructive... curious
  • He is so happy! He loves to laugh!
  • He is getting good at getting passed all the blockages we set up throughout the house
  • He is still anemic, sadly

All of us together when we mailed in our home study!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

14 Months

Happy 14 Months!!

Fun facts for month fourteen:

Weight: ~22lbs

Height: ~29 inches
Eating: 3 meals/1 snack

Sleeping: 2 naps per day, all night
Diaper: Size 4 diapers
Clothing: 9-12 months, 12 months, 12-18 months (sizes are so weird)

What's new for month fourteen:

  • He has learned new words! He has added "ball", "dow" (door), "nonononono", "yeahyeahyeah", "ta too" (than you) and "uh oh" to his vocabulary
  • He will try and repeat almost any word you ask him to
  • He can scribble! 
  • He is trying to feed himself with a spoon
  • He is getting so much more intentional. He loves to pick things up, look at them, and decide where exactly to put them. He has gotten much more dextrous (sp?) and intentional with his actions.
  • If he is done with his food, he wants to hand it to you. Or sometimes he will hand it to you, and then as you go to grab it, he will take it back (while laughing) and eat it
  • Now when he doesn't like something, he's out of food, or he is in trouble he says, "nonononono noooo noooooo nooooo" almost like it's a song
  • He can walk a few feet to me/Cal and it is heart warming. (getting further by the day)
  • He is loving putting things in a box and pulling things out of the box. 
  • He is climbing on everything 
  • He can put rings on his stacking toy and put the cups back together! 
  • He is talking all the time - he isn't saying that many words, but he is trying so hard. It's adorable. 
  • He has changed from saying "baba" for RB, to saying "rrrrrrbaba"
  • He has started to sit still for longer books
  • He is just the happiest baby I have ever seen
  • He eats non-stop
  • He loves bubbles and cries when I put them away - he laughs hysterically while he tries to pop them in the air or if they pop on his face 
  • He is immune to discipline (he just smiles when you tell him "no")
  • He is more climate sensitive than RB - he does not like to be very cold (although no problem with hot)
  • He is sort of a dare devil. He is always trying to throw himself backward or over my shoulder or off of things while laughing 
  • I think he still remembers what cake is because he lunged at a cake that I was baking the other day.
  • He likes to take his hat off and put it back on (while laughing) - he has discovered he can do that with RB's headbands too
  • His favorite food is...cream cheese.
  • He has gotten a little more cuddly and sometimes in the midst of playing, he will come over to give me a little cuddle/hug before he goes to play some more. 
  • His favorite toy is his wooden stacker
  • He takes after his sister in that he likes to touch foreheads with you when he's being sweet 
  • He loves giving open mouth kisses 
  • He love his ride on firetruck, but RB steals it a lot
  • He loves to pull out all the toys and books, then explore the whole room of mess he has created
  • He loves to look out the window
  • He loves his sister and they are playing so well! She gets down on the floor and they crawl around laughing hysterically

He LOVES outside, the swing, and the park!

He has been trying to wrestle this ball and it is hilarious

He can feed himself...sort of

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Singing in a round

So, not all of this is super current but I want to remember it. RB loves to sing and she loves learning new songs. She does not love, however, love to stop singing. So, she tries to make every song into the song that never ends. So here is just a taste of what she sang when she first learned some of her favorites.

Jesus love me this I know for the Bible tell me so little ones him be-long they are...he is strong. (show muscles and make a "heeerrrrr" sound) Yes, Jesus loves me. For BIIIII-ble tells me so.

Twinkle twinkle little star, how wawonder what you are up aboveworld so high, like a diamond in sky twinkle twinkle little star, how wawonder what you are up aboveworld so high, like a diamond....(forever)

abcdAfghijklm&mopqrstuvwSy and z now I know abcdAfghijklopqrstuvwSy and z now I know my absdAfg....(forever - also, the "mnop" section comes out differently each time, and sometimes "h,i" or "j,k" will be gone)

 God our fathers (because it's plural?), God our fathers, once again, once again, thank you for our blessings, aaaamen aaaamen aaaamen aaaamen aaaamen God our fathers God our fathers once again, once again...(forever)

Jingle Bells jingle bells jingle all the WAAAAAY oh what fun is to ride one horseopen sleigh HEY jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the WAAAAAY oh what fun is to ride one horseopen sleigh HEY jingle (forever)

And a variety of songs she makes up herself such as "Oh, ay" (which she sings a lot) and different variations of "dee, dum, doo da)

Frère Jacques, frère Jacques, Dormez-vous ? Dormez-vous ? So many le patina, So many le patina, Din, din, don. Din, din, don.