Saturday, April 19, 2014

Potty'ing Rules!


My precious, awesome, super grown up girl is going regularly on the toilet! Whoop! She had two accidents today, but had lots of successful number 1s and 2s on the toilet today. One time when she started to have an accident, she stopped peeing, walked over to the toilet, sat down, and finished her business. Nice! (Actually every accident she had has been like that today) Her mouth was covered in chocolate a decent part of the day, yummmm. We are SO so thrilled. I can't believe we have survived to even get to this point. Praise the Lord! Maybe I'll start letting her wear underwear again soon, who knows.

Birthday Week!

So this week began birthday week! My super loving husband took me to the world's most amazing food truck park (well the food was amazing) and then we saw Green River Ordinance in concert at the House of Blues (Houston)!! This song is actually 6+ years old, but I really like it so I am gifting it to y'all! This was such a fun surprise, and a great night out. He had planned every detail even to booking a babysitter for the kiddos. Here are the pictures of our amazing night below!

Bernie's Burger Bus!

Truffle infused french fries with Parmesan and green onion

The Home Room - Claire

The Cheerleader - Cal

I had to basically dislocate my jaw to eat this - sooo good
Foreign Policy American food with international flavor (we got dessert here)

Cinnamon Sugar Donut stuffed with Bunuelos and drizzled with glaze

Worth it.

Tim Halpern



This was such a special night and a perfect way to start out the week! I have the best husband!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Keep on Trucking

Well Thursday and Friday have brought even more success! She has begun to voluntarily use the bathroom for number 1 & 2! I'm just so thrilled to not be cleaning up pee everywhere. I am not joking when I say by the time Thursday night rolled around, I had no clean pants left because I had been peed on so much between my two kiddos. She has been loving the increase in chocolate now that she is mastering her new skill. She is still only getting to the toilet about 50% of the time, but that is way more than before! Exciting times.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Manick...oh my goodness its Wednesday

So I just realized its Wednesday and I thought it was Tuesday!! Whew, what a relief. We went to just one nap today to try and make the kiddo go to the bathroom (she could hold it between naps). How do people do this? It was so difficult and now I sort of want to hide in a dark closet alone (or sit out in the sun alone because it feels nice outside).

Well today we convinced RB to pee in the toilet a half time. She is sitting on it more often just for fun which I suppose is progress? Church tonight which means a diaper. So...yeah.

I'm going to go be alone now. Sorry.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We had a victory today! Besides the fact that she seemed to enjoy sitting on the toilet for fun, she actually decided to use it. At first she kept telling me she had to poop, but then would just toot into the toilet. Then we were hanging out in the kitchen doing dishes and playing with magnets when she decided to sit on the toilet and read....and poop! She didn't even say anything until she was done, she just did it! No drama, no crying, just going to the bathroom. Whoop! She got lots of accolades, chocolate chips, and a multitude of other fun rewards. It was incredible! So, for now, my faith in potty training has been slightly renewed. Never thought I would say a prayer of thanksgiving for poop (unless I was in a foreign country).

Monday, April 14, 2014

Back on Track

So I skipped a day posting, but Sunday is sort of a wash. She had to wear a diaper at church and then had to wear a diaper during her super long nap she always takes on Sunday afternoon. So she was completely able to hold it the entire time she was diaperless in the evening.

Today, though, we had a break through! (sort of) She started to go and I was able to get her onto the toilet in time for most of make it! She was so excited! She kept pointing at it and saying "peepee!" She got her reward (read: bribe) and to do some of the other things she loves (like flush the toilet). So I am hoping that this will help her. I have really felt like if she could be successful at it just once, she might understand more thoroughly what I was asking her to do. So, here's hoping!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


We have reached the end of week 1 in our potty training world, and I am proud to say....


As in, she pooped in the toilet. She received much praise, and, more importantly, a bunch of chocolate chips. We had another naked day, but with less fuss in general. It was so much better? Aren't most things better when we put less pressure on the situation? 

She had more pee accidents than before, but I really think it's a win. If she's not hydrated enough that she can hold it until the diaper goes on at nap time, then she will never learn to use the toilet. Accidents are necessary. She peed once outside and I was just like, "it's okay - people do this outside all the time, it's the best place for an accident". She does not like to have accidents if she is standing up because she doesn't like having it on her body which is also a good thing. That means that she will eventually learn how to do this. My little girl does not like to be dirty. (She asks to wipe her hands many times throughout each meal, and she likes to play in the dirt but needs to immediately wash off afterwards.) She did not get her anti-dirty feelings from me. It must have been passed on from a relative because Cal and I both enjoy being in the mud a bit and I won't tell you about my shower life when I was in middle school, but it would prove my point. But I digress. 

So then in the evening, before dinner, she was making all the poop faces. I asked her to sit on the toilet (she is a bit scared of using the toilet for number 2) and I gave her one chocolate chip for being so good to come sit calmly without freaking out. I then held the chocolate chips she would receive for success in front of her which helped a lot! She needed a little help focusing. Success! I'm just glad for a bit of improvement.