Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, August 17, 2009

Masters Student

So I, Claire Thompson, am officially a masters student. It made me feel incredibly awkward and growing older to be sitting in a room of people, most of whom had children, starting their masters degree. I still look like I'm 15 years old, how can I take Biblical Hermeneutics?!
I have orientation tomorrow morning at 8am (does getting old mean you get up sooner?) and then they will "orient" me on all the things I need to know. I am already registered for two classes: Biblical Hermeneutics with Jason Lee and Student Ministry Culture and Relations (something like that) with Johnny Derouen. Exciting!

I am also beginning to finish up my final week at Tallowood Baptist Church and say goodbye to all the wonderful friends I have made. Many of these friends I'll still see at some point, the wedding, maybe a girly party in College Station, but it'll be weird not to see several of them daily. I wish I could just take them all with me back to Fort Worth. We have decided that this week we will celebrate every "last" that I have.

Happy Last Monday Everyone!


  1. The Thompsons: Descending on Seminaries Near You. The SBC will never be the same.

  2. So true dad!
    Don't worry Claire, I am a master's student and I look 15 too... and now I have a kid too... and yet, still look 15. We just have great genes! haha