Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Worst Nightmare

So after a fun and exciting last week at Tallowood BC (missing them already), I went to Mississippi to help the fiance move into what will be our apartment! It was really exciting to see the space we will be living in. (He'll be living there until we're married, while I'm in Fort Worth) We realized we had too much furniture, but at least we have furniture! SO, after all of that...

My Worst Nightmare.

I couldn't seem to figure out what day classes for seminary started, so my dad called a friend to ask. The verdict was....drum roll....last Thursday. Gracious! I always had dreams or nightmares, especially in college, that I would some how miss the memo and forget the first day of school. Low and behold, I've done it. Today was my personal first day of class. (Today is Tuesday for those of you who are having trouble with the start of the week) The good news is that Thursday was mainly a syllabus day and I hadn't missed very much. I am taking a class from my youth minister from high school, Johnny Derouen. His passion is incredible, and class flies by! (He's also the officiant to my wedding, so I'd say he's in pretty good standing in my book.) I also was blessed to see a friend, Dr. Allen Lott, and sign up for a piano class. So tomorrow consists of getting textbooks, lunch with Kindel T., and my first piano lesson in several months. Get excited! Let's hope that I succeed at playing something decent. 

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  1. WE MISS YOU TOO CLAIRE! I was sitting on ClaireBear's floor in her office yesterday being crafty and it made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside having someone beside her again! Her office has been a bit quiet since you left. Glad you finally made it to class girlie. Take care!
    Rebecca and Claire

    P.S. Jerome & Micah say "Hey!"