Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, November 23, 2009

Travelin' Woman

Howdy from Kentucky!

I have made the trek up to see mi hermana, mi hermano-in-law, and la Stella (haha). The first leg of my trek was a bit interesting. Cal and I loaded up a truck and my Honda full of stuff (including a bed! yay! Cal will no longer be sleeping on a mattress on the floor) and drove to Mississippi. Unfortunately the tarp we used to cover said things did not agree with us. In fact, it insisted on coming out from the tie downs, bungee cords, and boxes we used to attempt to make it stay, and flapped in the wind...for over 6 hours. It turns out that tarps are not very sturdy and it subsequently frayed with its final state looking something akin to a flapper dress. I like the '20s, but this was not exactly what'd I'd been thinking...
ANYWAY, we made it to MS and dropped off all the stuff before going back to the 'rents-in-law-to-be's house so that I could get some shut eye before starting the next leg of my trip. I ate a pretty hardy breakfast made by my oh so sweet fiance of cereal and was loaded up with a bottle of water and some great snacks! Then I started my way to Kentucky! (I am tempted here to sing a rendition of Oooooooooh klahoma where the wind goes.... but with Kentucky. I'll spare you.) 9 hrs later I arrived in Louisville!
I have been exposed anew to babies (baby. Stella.) and I have to say.... I like her! She isn't always smiles and rainbows, but she is a sweet and cute baby. I have also managed to get her to stop crying and go to sleep on me once! It was very exciting. Talk about feeling accomplished. There is nothing more satisfying then to get a crying (loudly crying) baby to stop and to look so peaceful and happy! While it may not have been me, I was holding her, so Lindsey gave me permission to take credit and Drew gave me a high five. Yeah! Very exciting day for Claire Thompson. Currently Stella and her Mom are taking a nap. Later, I'm going to keep Stella to give Drew and Lindsey some much needed together time. Should be exciting!
In other news, I'm a terrible Aunt because I have barely taken any pictures, but my arms have been full a lot of the times holding Stella! And when a baby is asleep the last thing you want to do is take a picture. Trust me, you are glad she is sleeping. Loving baby, loving Lindsey, loving life. Do svidanya!

p.s. update: 26 days until the wedding

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