Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well to say the least, so much has happened since we last posted. I'm going to do a sort of photo diary entry here to give you and idea of all that has happened!
Before the wedding everything was a bit crazy- we went to the ICE! exhibit where they surrounded the whole thing on the Grinch story theme!
It was really fun to take Cal and see him in a giant parka. This is what he would look like if his metabolism was slower haha. We also got to take Michelle's boyfriend Geoff and he fit in very well as him and Cal made fun of some of this stuff and we all had a good time "people watching."
Then the week of the wedding everything went into hyper drive! It was all went very fast, but so good. Lindsey had given me the greatest advice to make sure to take lots of moments where I take a mental picture of what's going on. It kind of reminded me of
the office episode where Jim & Pam get married- so cute. That week we started out with Cal and I haveing a quiet breakfast together Thursday morning and reading to each other the vows we'd written for one another. Then, the bachelorette party (and simultaneous bachelor party which no one took pictures at- boys.) on Thursday night was a blast! The girls went to hibachi steakhouse, the boys went to Freebirds and both had a blast! Joanna Jones made the most beautiful cake, and it was tasty- double! Then Friday morning we had the bridesmaids luncheon where I had fun giving the girls their presents. They each got a different thing to represent either something about them or a fun memory of them. It was a great time at Cheesecake Factory (thank you Nana and Aunt Joyelynn)! That night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner catered by Coburn bbq. We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, talking with Johnny (the officiant), goofing off with friends and taking lots of crazy pictures. We had an open toasting time where we heard some of the sweetest things from our closest friends and family members. It was so special to hear all their wishes and blessings. Then the ladies all went together (and Cal) to the Thompson house to finish putting together programs, drink hot chocolate, and paint our toe nails crazy colors! The next morning we woke up to a wonderful breakfast prepared by Lindsey and Drew (and bought predominately by my wonderful bridesmaids). It was very relaxing and I loved it. Then we went to the church, got dressed together, had a wonderful time of prayer with the bridesmaids and Cal and I got married! A WHOOP!

This was followed by a wonderful honeymoon to Highlands, North Carolina and visiting the Old Edwards Inn & Spa which was one of the most incredible experiences. (You'll have to look on facebook for more pictures of that, and more wedding pictures are up at click on storefront and search Thompson) We had about a 10 hour delay getting back to DFW because believe it or not it snowed hard in Fort Worth on Christmas Eve! Cal got a dose of calming his wife in an airport as I cried that we would miss Christmas. It all turned out just fine, and we had Christmas on Christmas morning with the Thompson family and Christmas on Saturday evening with the Mummert family. A week later we went to be in a close friend of mine's wedding (Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rodriguez- Bobbi was lovely) and are not settling in to our apartment- pictures to come. Cal is back at work doing whatever a Nuclear Engineer does daily and I have a contract job sorting files at a clinic in the area.
Lots of love and more to come!

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