Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Rough Week

Well I can honestly say that this has been a very rough week now that it is over. So excuse me for a moment while I complain, feel free to skip to the end of this post where it gets more happy.

I have been sick twice this week (who knew that was possible) and am still facing that fun little piece of nausea.

I have had mountains of homework/reading to be done and no time to do it.

My job gives me endless amounts of paper cuts.

My grandmother was very very sick (and has now passed).

My family, especially mother, is hurting.

Several of my friends' family members have died this week.

It's been rough.

On the other hand...

God is still good, sovereign, and listening to my prayers.

God is using my job and the many tragedies to open doors to encourage people and to share His good news.

I am beginning to make closer friends and have a mentor who are helping me see God working in all things.

My husband has been very sweet to help me feel better and to take care of me.

Looking forward to a hard week this week again, but God will take care of us and will hold us together so that the weeks following will be better.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's A Whole New World

Life is beginning to get more normal, I think. I mean I'm relatively sure that driving to and from another state to go to school once a week isn't normal, but it's getting as normal as possible in the present circumstances. I am including some pictures of my favorite cooking experiences!
Belgian waffles with our new waffle maker! (Thanks ladies for the awesome gift! We enjoyed it and the waffles were still good frozen and reheated)
This is the chicken pot pie that I made- I even made the crust from scratch. Of course it was pre-job so I had a little more time to cook dinner. It was also pre-running so we ate immediately when Cal got home, now we wait until after we run. Signing up for the half marathon was a bad idea because, thank you wedding, we had no time to train before recently and we are not going to be able to get quite up to the mileage in time.

We even put this buffet together and it was a good time. Who knew I was handy?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Mummert Family

Well, we must officially be a family because I now have a social security card that reads Claire Elizabeth Mummert, that's right world, I decided to keep my middle name! I like it. Claire Elizabeth just rolls off the tongue well.

Well I, Claire, am now working at MEA Clinic in Jackson where I take all of the charts 2006 and earlier, run them through the system, re-file the active charts, gut and store the old charts. I have the most exciting job anyone could ask for... or do I? Cal is still analyzing all the risk involved with Nuclear Reactors and what comes with that territory- he's a smart dude. (And a mighty fine husband at that)
We are still getting the apartment put together, receiving gifts, sending thank you notes (the bulk is finished, I'm only doing one for each present I get now- I think 3 are left), and trying to adjust to being married. It's nice not having to live alone, but I'm sure we both have our habits. Our Sunday School (or "Life Group") guest teacher told us the other day that all those weird things we now love about our spouses will become very annoying past the 6 month mark when real life sets in. I'm not sure I believe we stop being newlyweds after 6 months or that all the new will wear off quite that fast, but it's something to think about and strive to become more Godly about.
I have started school- I drive to Fort Worth on Sunday after lunch, take classes all day on Monday and drive back to Flowood (my city) on Tuesday just in time to work for a couple hours before going home.
We have been trying out many fun new recipes- pictures to come. (The chicken pot pie was awesome, the stroganoff was... salty. Although the salt thing was actually in the recipe, we've just decided to leave that one out of our favorites category) I have discovered a love for making things from scratch. I have also discovered that our oven heats 25 degrees too hot- I discovered this 6 dozen mostly burnt cookies later...
Well that's the only update for now, I'm sure I'll right more later but my reading assignments are crazy considering I work every free day (except Saturday) 8-4pm, so my time is short. Ta ta for now!

Oh p.s. Please pray for Cal and I- he's a little sick (although on the mend) and I have caught what he has but apparently my body did not handle it as well as his and is currently hating me. We would both just like to be well. :D