Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Is A Joke

So while I am fully enjoying the fact I did not have to make a 7 hour drive both directions to Texas for school this week, I do not feel as though I have had a "break" at all. Welcome to being a grown up I guess. I work everyday until 4pm and then I come and work on all the homework that I have due in the next week or two because there is no way I could wait and get it all done next week. Lovely! Argh.

The one thing I am very much looking forward to is time at the end of the week with MY BEST FRIEND and I am so thrilled. We are having an all girls day on Saturday and we are going to tear up the town (Fort Worth)! She just found out she is pregnant so this, now, is even more so a celebration! Her little boy will be with family, so this is going to be the best day of our lives (haha, probably not really, but it's fun to say).

In other news, this Sunday was one of the best days of my week thus far. Our Sunday School had a cook out party and played flag football. There were kids, a huge dog running around, and the sun was shining brightly for the first time in a while. I loved every moment of it! I even helped calm a crying baby- most of the girls didn't want to hold her while she was crying, but I felt like a pro after helping Lindsey with Stella. Then Cal and I went to play Ultimate Frisbee- I did little (slash zero) actual playing, but I did throw the disc around with Cal while his team was rotating off the field. I also made a new friend with Jenny and two dogs. Lovely day!

Love to all- hope you comment!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Late Nights

Well, I have been attempting to sleep for about an hour and have decided that since I have so far failed, maybe I could blog myself to sleep. We'll see if it works...

So this last week was midterm land and I studied more than anything else. I have had two midterms today and took one this last Saturday online and am just more than excited to be on "Spring Break." I say that with quotations because some how I still have a pretty full work load despite everything. My goal is to be super productive, get ahead, and be less stressed coming into finals. Spring semester always goes by faster.

In other news, I have the best husband in the whole world- eat your heart out ladies! He brought me flowers this last Saturday after completing my first midterm because of all the stress I'd been through and really cheered me up. Then, today when I called him to say goodnight (because I'm in Fort Worth for class) he had done all the laundry, washed dishes, cleaned up the house and made the bed- this is a huge deal! I feel so blessed.

I also had a fun night eating dinner with my Mom at Macaroni Grille. It turns out they have a healthy menu now so you can eat good Italian food and mine was less than 350 calories, that's incredible. Cal and I have really been trying to eat more vegetables and fruit (not to say we don't get our fair share of brownies alongside that), so this was great! I had shrimp and grilled vegetables which were delicious.

I would also like to shout out (man so much on my mind, no wonder I couldn't sleep) to my awesome Sunday School teacher, Lori. Between all that was going on at home with our family, school and work, who could breathe? Lori made us dinner and brought it to us last week- such a blessing.

Upcoming exciting pieces of news: productivity over Spring break- will it happen or won't it? Memphis trip to meet Cal's grandma and aunts. At least a whole week without driving to Texas- will I go into withdraw or enjoy the lack of mileage? All this to come!