Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, April 5, 2010

World's Best Husband

This post is in honor of my wonderful husband- he is amazing!

I feel like your first year of marriage has got to be the hardest because we have been through a lot of emotions and it has only been (almost) four months. Life is so crazy like that!

When Cal and I first got married, I had no job and school had not yet started. I was cleaning and boredom central. I reread Harry Potter 7, watched 3 seasons of Gilmore Girls (the last three), broke down boxes, cooked complicated dinners and so many other things that come with boredom. I was still getting used to living in a foreign country (Mississippi) and trying to make new friends. Needless to say, there was a bit of crying involved with all of this. It was a big change to leave my country (Texas), gain a husband and roommate all in a week! But Cal is amazing and thoughtful and we made it to the beginning of school.

Well about a week before school started, I got a part time job at a medical clinic (file gutting is my current specialty) and then started school. My stress level gradually got higher and higher until our nights were filled with dirty clothes scattered about the house and my tears resurfaced due to stress. Cal was still a wonderful husband. He helped me get my hours at work reduced and manage my work load, cooking dinner and doing laundry occasionally to help me out.

Then my grandmother died. Cal was there to walk with me and comfort me.

Then I had midterms and several papers, a little more crying, and some Cal cooked dinners. He began doing the dishes and making the bed before I got back from Texas every week which, can I get a shout out ladies, feels so lovely to come home to a clean apartment.

Then Mr. Howington died. He was like a grandfather to me, especially after mine passed away, keeping up with me since I was born and emailing me every day. When I got the news, I curled up in a ball and guess whose arms were there to hold me. Guess whose hands got me some chocolate cake to encourage me. Guess whose shoulder I leaned on during the funeral. Cal is a wonderful man.

He calls me and leaves me sweet messages just because he knows I like to listen to them later.

He lets me pick out his clothes sometimes and dresses up just for fun.

He kills all the nasty bugs around our apartment.

He changes my oil, pumps my gas, and teaches my how to drive a stick shift.

Cal loves me, forgives me, and is the World's Best Husband.

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  1. I love this post! I'm so glad God brought you together. We enjoyed eating Easter dinner with you guys at the "kiddie table." It was just where I wanted to be...y'all are precious.