Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finals are over...and Updates are available!

First of all I want you all to see my Costume Birthday Party Cake! (Yes, I made it, but I wanted to make it so it's not sad. :D) 

I had so much fun making this cake! I put it on my black, fake granite cutting board so that it would look like it was in the sky! The 'aliens' are green jelly beans, the fire was piped on and has confetti (a la Cal) on it to look like sparks. It is a chocolate double layer cake, so yummy!! We got all dressed up for my theme: The Future... In Space! If you've seen Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, then you know exactly the look we were going for.

From left to right: Sarah (a long time friend of Cal's that has become a good friend of mine), ME, Marion (a lovely girl in my Sunday School class), and Lori (my mentor slash Sunday School teacher)
Behind us is a warming blanket that several people brought to wear as their futuristic gear (its use as our background was courtesy of Allen, another Sunday School friend). We had so much fun all playing Loaded Questions, snacking, and just having a big laugh! So fun.

I have spent every other waking moment of my time studying for finals and completing finals. Praise the Lord, I survived due to His grace. Cal and I are really enjoying the extra time that it gives me! We went to Fort Worth to celebrate Mother's Day, Cal's birthday (May 15), Nana's birthday and Aunt Joyelynn's birthday- Cal and I now both officially have bikes! (I got one for my birthday too) We also got to see Michelle in Peter Pan- funny story: there was a little boy at the show and his dad goes "Hey, let's go see Peter Pan!" and the little boy goes, "...but he's a giiiiiirl" looking at Michelle signing the autographs haha. She did an excellent job though. We also got to see Alice in Wonderland, directed by Michelle and performed by her middle schoolers. It was excellent, so creative, and very fun. We had a blast watching it! (Pictures to come)

I have finally had enough time to do the dishes not because they are disgustingly high in quantity, but because I wanted to. I wanted to! I also went to the grocery store alone for the first time in a long time... yuck, but it was a small gift to Cal since he took my car to get my oil changed. I'm sure that Turbo appreciated it a lot. 

Well that's it for now!