Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Camp is Coming!

Hello All!

Sometimes when I'm writing on this blog I think that maybe I should change the name to "adventures of a childless housewife" but I know that my luck will change come August and this will no longer be the case. You see I have realized that being a stay-at-home wife is a lot easier than being a stay-at-home mom because the one thing that would make life really hard (kids) is not present. Don't get me wrong, I think that kids will be a pleasure and a joy when they come around, but at the present I can clean the kitchen/living room/bathroom/etc and not have it immediately put back into desolation. Granted when the husband and I are both around things tend to get a little messier, but with my ample amounts of free time during the day, it is not hard to compensate. I have ordered my Hebrew and Greek textbooks for the Fall to begin working before school starts so I suppose my days will be less free, but until they come in....freedom is mine!
My days have most recently been full of searching for a new vehicle. Bill [our name for the '94 mustang - Cal's vehicle] has been headed downhill because of his old age for a little while and we have been saving to get Cal something better (I hesitate to say "new" because it will only be "new" in that it was not previously ours, but someone else's). Bill still runs and could get your from point A to point B on most days, but he is needing more and more upkeep as time goes on and this, my friends, is expensive. So, fingers crossed, Cal and I will be buying a used car in Houston, TX this weekend if everything goes correctly. You have to understand that we have had 3/4 cars sold out from under us within an hour or so of when we intended to buy the car (we just drive too slow?) and have had very poor choices in the Jackson area. I have also been reading the space trilogy by C.S. Lewis, currently on book 1 "Out of The Silent Planet". Lastly, this week I have been getting ready for CAMP TALLOWOOD 2010.

I am beyond thrilled to be going to camp next week!

So I have been helping to get everything organized, Cal and I have been to training, I have been writing chants for our group, I have packed a lot of things, and found a sash (in my costume drawers) that matches our team color! Whoop! I am so so excited. Tonight Cal and I will head to Target to buy some snacks for our cabins. I discovered last year that getting sugar-free lemonade mix was an awesome idea. I had a couple plastic spoons next to it and during free time a lot of the girls would add it to their water bottles, yumm. Besides the fact that I love going to camp, love youth ministry in general, and love these kids specifically (I interned at Tallowood BC last summer), I also think that the way this camp is organized is a great and biblical idea. In the years between 6th and 12th grade, if a youth goes to camp every year they will go through the entire Bible! This is not included Sundays or Wednesdays through the year, just camp. Last year all the youth and leaders were divided into the 12 tribes of Israel (I rocked out in Manassah) and within each tribe there are 2 clans (I was in Helek) to give all the youth a rec team. Each tribe has their own camp site to decorate (we built a wall last year out of Scripture) and they are organized according to where that tribe was located. They built a version of the temple on stage so we learned all about the prophets from about Isaiah to Malachi (Old Testament II class anyone?) and it was incredible. The youth got to learn about it from the sermons, but the games went along with it and the camp groups did a lot to teach each group about their tribe and its place in the Old Testament. Toward the end of camp, everyone is exiled by tribe (just like the exile in the Bible), the Temple is destroyed (on stage), and they did an amazing job showing the youth what the exile was like and reading Scripture alongside it. Very exciting! At the end of the exile we all came back in to camp to worship. 
This year we are in the New Testament and divided by villages (I will reveal mine in a later post), learning about Jesus. Every village will learn not only about Jesus as He applies in the entire New Testament (camp goes through His Ascension this year), but will also learn key things about what Jesus did in their specific village! It should be amazing! Well, I'm off to do some more prep - keep praying for those youth, the leaders, and the Camp Eagle (our location) staff that help us!

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  1. AAHHH!! YOU'RE GONNA BE IN HOUSTON THIS WEEKEND?!? ME TOO!!! Jacob has a 4 day weekend and so we're heading to Santa Fe to chillax with his fam. I'm not sure what the plans are, and you guys are probably super busy (camp-plannin and car-buyin), but maybe we could figure somethin out... Dude, camp sounds rockin this year and I wanna know what village you're in!

    p.s. I didn't know that about going through the whole bible during camp grades 6-12. Seven weeks--that's pretty amazing.