Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Bloggers...

Hello my fellow blogging friends,

It has recently come to my attention (and by this I mean that I no longer work so I have ample time to check everyone's blogs and last week I was sick so I had even more time!) that people have been a little lax on their posting. Very sad! I am loving reading each and every blog I am subscribed to and am completely sad that some of you have not posted since last November! I have since moved to a new state, changed my name and become a bakestress (baking awesome woman) since your last post. This is a crime, a travesty!
For those of you who this does not apply to, please accept my apologies for the rant. The rest of you...either post something or shoot me an email! I love you and am interested in your life!

Thanks and gig 'em,
Claire E Mummert

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  1. do you follow my blog?!?! If not, you should! ;)