Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More adventures in the Mummert Family

Well this Memorial Day Cal and I got excited to hang out with some great people and grill out! There were ribs and chicken enough for everyone, yummmmm! We got the exciting task of bringing drinks and dessert - you know me I pulled out one of our party planning cookbooks to look up some fun recipes and decided on CREAM PUFFS! Here are some pictures of my efforts:
1st you make the dough and cook it until they are fluffy and light brown...
...Then you cut the puffs in half with a knife making sure to leave one side still in tact...
Then you make the whip cream (boy was that fun!) and fill with whip cream, strawberries...

And VOILA...

They were yummy and delicious! I had a blast making them too so it was all worth it!
We then watched Taking Chance together which was a sad movie that had a great point. It shows Kevin Bacon taking the remains of a PFC to his family and in the process goes through some serious growth. Very good. We then came home and had some fun putting up our diplomas Here is the result!
Love! My man is awesome!


  1. That dessert looks flippin' fantastic!!!!!

  2. Holy smokes those look delicious! I need that recipe!! :) (Or for you to come over and make some - ha!)