Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New shoes, Old friends, and Present cooking

Beware - This post is FULL of photos

Well I have definitely had some new cooking adventures!

First I made meatballs from scratch for an authentic Italian dinner! (Cal helped by being the frier so I could keep rolling them)

Then, Cal grilled us a great meal! Hamburgers, corn in the husk and peaches - definitely try grilling your peaches, it caramelizes the sauce and makes it taste like peach cobbler. Yummmm

After that, I had two of my closest friends come visit Mississippi this last weekend! I loved having them in town and getting to catch up. I've found myself really missing all of my college friends, so this was such a treat! We made waffles, window shopped, made s'mores and watched Mama Mia!

Lastly, my new pair of Chacos came in the mail today! I sent my old ones in to get repaired and it turns out that they were not worth repairing to Chaco, so they gave me a new pair for a discount - heck yes!

I hope they give me as much good love as the last pair. Have a great week!

Friday, July 16, 2010


For your viewing pleasure: When Cal was out of town this last week, I edited some of our photos that a friend took for us in Downtown Bryan, TX - April 2009

Sometimes in Marriage we are riding along thinking that things have fallen into "normal" and we are surprised when something changes! At least I am. I constantly think that after big 7 months of being married that Cal and I have finally found our rhythm of knowing each other perfectly well. How silly this thought seems in retrospect! Granted, I know Cal better than I ever did when we dated (or were engaged) despite all of our best preparations. You know, there are some things that you can never think to ask about someone that you magically discover when you get married. I never realized things about myself and so forth. Anyway, we got to a point where we are being considerate of one another, doing our best to live a selfless, God-fearing life so that we can come together as a Godly couple, treating each other with love and respect. 
But some days, it's different. 
It's not that either of us has ceased to strive for Godliness nor is it that either of us have stopped doing our best to put the other first, it's not that at all. It's not that Cal or I got up in the morning and said, "You know what, I haven't shown my spouse this particular thing about me yet.... today feels like a good day!" It's just that there are things in life that you don't know about yourself until the moment comes. How was I supposed to know that I thought there was a correct way to cook, until Cal and I attempted to cook together. (For the record, we both thought that there was a correct way.... our own.) Things like that. None of these things are fight worthy or even life changing, yet surprising to my little world all at the same time. I thought I had it figured out, you know!? It's like there is this moment sometimes when I do something or Cal does something and the other one of us will look and go, "...what?...." or "...why did you..." because we just didn't know. Or on a much bigger scale, we are faced with some outside hardship or challenge that we have never had to deal with together before and we find ourselves relearning how to communicate with one another and attempting to understand the other's feelings. I read this great thing in Sacred Marriage  (as a side note, I love the tag line on  this book: What if God's design for Marriage was to make us Holy more than to make us happy? Amen!) about how when men cry, something apocalyptic is happening, but when women cry it is often like sweating. It is a necessary action to relieve emotion. So we find ourself in this new situation (and half the time if it's a problem it's a miscommunication - I have decided that through our whole life we will be laughing at ourselves as we sort out miscommunications, we often times life ourselves silly because we'll have a whole conversation where we are both lost) and I am crying or frustrated, or he's frustrated and silent, or just whatever and we are still learning how to do things together and not as separate people. I know we have only been married 7 months, but every now and then I find myself thinking we have got it worked out. It's not a conscious thought so much. I'm only really aware of it when it gets violated by the fact that we're still working it out. I feel like I'm rambling, so let me just give you one harmless example.
Buying a car.
Cal and I have been looking online for weeks at cars we could afford, trying to find the right one. We are on our way to Fort Worth for my sister's birthday party and we are going to go look at a car we've found online in a nearby city. In my mind, we are looking at the car and if we like it, we will leave the dealership, talk it over further, and then decide for the next day whether we really want it. I hadn't even really considered that we would buy a car that weekend. So we get in our car, headed to Fort Worth, and begin talking about whatever and the new car comes up. Cal says something to the idea of "well, you know, we may be driving two cars back this weekend." Cal is planning on going and buying the car this weekend. This may seem small to y'all, but my brain is completely blown when he throws this out there. I've never bought something that expensive, and if you know me I'm a penny pincher, so I'm literally reeling at the thought. We can't just buy a car!, my brain says to me. Anyway, long story short I start to wrap my mind around it - we have been saving for this exact car, we have the money, the car looks good, we got a carfax report on it that was clean, so on and so forth. (We ended up not getting the car, it was sold an hour before we got there) So though it was harmless, we both had decided separately in our minds how this event would go and assumed the other person was on the same track. Surprise! We're still learning how to work together.

Well, it's a good thing God is good, gracious, and merciful because we still need Him to help us learn how to be two people one flesh in mind and in heart. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Are we ever perfect?

I just read this post by someone I've never met and really got this link off another blog I follow, but it truly hit me.  It's all about how God calls us to follow His will and His direction not after we've cleaned ourselves up to what we think is good enough for God, but immediately when He calls us!

James 1:27 (English Standard Version)

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

I don't know where you stand on the issue of adoption, but I believe in it whole heartedly. I believe that God wants me to adopt even if I am able to have my own children. I believe that He wants me to care for those who cannot care for themselves. This woman is a single woman, not your normal candidate for fostering or adopting children, but she saw God's call to take care of the orphan. Even though she, as I am not perfect, is not perfect, she saw that the love and care she could give these children is often times riches compared to what they would receive. I cannot wait until it is my turn to step into these shoes and begin the process of adopting a child of my own. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Car Trouble in Paradise

On Cal and I's last visit to Houston, TX (Camp Tallowood!!) we purchased a 2004 Jetta 1.8T and Cal was thrilled. It has a manual transmission which makes him immensely happy. Well we parked it in the Tallowood parking lot while we had an amazing time at camp and then drove it to Fort Worth to hang out with the 'rents, Lindsey, Stella, Michelle, Geoff (his family) and going to Erin formerly Hughens wedding! (I didn't get a picture with any of my lovely sisters, so this one will have to spark your imagination - isn't she cute!)

So the car was doing amazingly well and we enjoyed driving it. Then, we headed back to Mississippi to get back to normal life. We have been helping out with our church's college community group and headed that way when the Jetta.... died. We have now been to 3 different places and have yet to get it fixed, but it may get expensive. Goodness gracious! Oh well, the most recent guy thinks that it is not going to be as bad as we originally thought, so here's to hoping. In other news, have my Greek and Hebrew textbooks to keep me company during the day and have been studying all week. Greek is coming easily to me because it is so so similar to Russian (my college minor), but Hebrew is another thing all together. I'll have to study a lot harder for this one. I have decided, also, that I forgot one thing in my last camp post.... FIREWORKS! AND since it's about to be 4th of July, I figured it was appropriate. Enjoy!