Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So many things to luv

Well Cal and I got a huuuuge treat last week. The in laws decided that they wanted to take us to
So amazing!! I cannot tell you how excited I was to go. I jumped up and down a little, not to mention squealing like a little girl. Whoop! We all loaded up into the car, grabbed some food at God's house... I mean, Whataburger, and then headed to Hattiesburg for the show. It blew me away. That's the kind of stuff that makes music majors, drum line lovers and hard corps band nerds. I have to say that not all drum corps are created equal. There were several schools there and during the first few groups, they were loud and completely annoying, talking throughout the whole show. I did my best to be patient because these weren't the groups I particularly came to see. Patience young one... Well, then the magic happened. Magic, I tell you. The group's pit set up and so did the color guard, but no band. The crowd is all in whispers, "where is the band?", "is this it?", and similar things. We hear a piercing musical debut that brings all the crowd to their feet. What anticipation! And then..... Phantom Regiment takes the field. I was mesmerized the entire time. What an incredible show. Shame on those judges for giving them 4th place! Gracious! The Blue Devils got first - duh, the Carolina Crown got second - worth it and wonderful, The Cadets got third -clean show but so so boring, they should have received a lower placing, and Phantom got fourth. (My ranking: 1st Blue Devils, 2nd Phantom, 3rd Carolina Crown, 4th or 5th Cadets - other bands were good but I don't remember which show went with what name since the announcer was so fuzzy sounding).

Phantom Regiment - Incredible
Blue Devils - very clean
I really didn't think that my week could get any better, but Cal showed me that with his could have some added awesomeness. What would that be you say? To have your husband cook for you. Well, not just cook.... GRILL
Mediterranean Chicken, Grilled Sweet Corn, and Grilled Asparagus 
Yummy in my tummy! I am so so in love with my family at this point. What else could a girl want? 
I'll tell you!..... FRIENDS
I got the wonderful privilege of having some of the NexGen college girls over to Cal and I's apartment to do my first solo Mary Kay skin care class. It was so much fun! K came over early and we made lots of delicious baked goods while wearing my Minnie Mouse apron from Disney World. We sampled all of our creations, and managed to digest plenty of icing in the process, giving us a giggle filled sugar high. After setting up our lovely tables full of goodies and skin care products, the other ladies came over and we had a great time pampering ourselves while sampling Mary Kay products. (I'm a consultant now in case you didn't know yet) K and I took a lot of fun pictures together and of the goods, but I'm just including a picture of us all together and a picture of our goodies table. Enjoy!

Pink lemonade, chips/salsa, goldfish, brownie bites (homemade), and strawberry cupcakes with butter cream icing (homemade) - yummm 

K is clearly the one in my apron, she loved that thing!
The girl I'm standing next to, Em, brought me some flowers too. So sweet! We all had a great time being girly together. Do our faces look clean? I hope so!

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