Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Every since Cal and I got married, I have had a mixture of jobs that I am not qualified for haha. In college I always had the same two jobs: I was a Supplemental Instructor (awesome job- I got to take political science classes and get paid for it, then teach study methods to the students using the content of the class) and a Youth Group Intern. As far as those two jobs, I am extremely qualified. Outside of this venue.... I used to babysit one kid and that is it. So, when we began thinking about whether I should work or not, I really started realizing that I am not qualified for much outside of the church. I applied for a few church jobs with no luck, and some how managed to land a job at a medical clinic..... me and my youth ministry, Russian speaking, communication degree, science hating (other than physics) self was working at a medical clinic. I was in charge of going through every single patient chart from 2006 or previous, checking if it was inactive, and putting it where it went depending on its activity. I had numerous paper cuts. Needless to say my job was immensely boring, and I did not care for it. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and winning a weight loss competition (funny story behind that I promise!!), but was beyond ready for my last day when it finally arrived. No more charts for Claire. Say goodbye to the closest thing I will most likely ever have to a medical career haha! Next, I did nothing. A lot of it. I tried to start cleaning houses, organize people's lives, cook, whatever people would let me do, but all I really got was a lot of free time and an incredibly clean apartment (turns out that's what I like to do in my free time). After a little while I started selling Mary Kay cosmetics. This has been going really well for me and I am loving using the skin care for myself! It has also helped me become acquainted with more women which is something I've always struggled with. I'm really enjoying myself. Well, don't you know that when it rains it pours? I have now been hired to bake two cakes one for a baby reveal/birthday (the cake will look like a present, the color of the cake inside the icing will be pink or blue depending on whether the baby is a boy or girl and that's how the parents-to-be are going to find out!) and a wedding (no pressure...haha). On top of this, I have also been hired (starting in December) to work as an intern in the missions department at the Mississippi Baptist Convention (because of a BSM connection from A&M, who would have thought!). I am so thrilled at these different opportunities, and now I'm just praying that I don't let them get the best of me. Good thing for discipline or no school work would ever get done.

Life's crazy... don't drink the punch!

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