Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taking a Break

In reward to myself for working so hard all morning, and every day this week, without much break at all, I have decided to take a lunch hour to blog to you!

School has been so good, but so hectic at the same time. I have my days very meticulously planned and get very flustered when they do not work properly. Don't they know they are supposed to go perfectly according to my checklist? Gracious. (Haha) I am learning so much and feel like God is really teaching me more this semester than He has in a long time. My reading for many of my classes is actually enjoyable to me and the discussion board questions are generally thought provoking. Not to mention it is just awesome to study Hebrew and Greek every week. Last week as I prepared my Sunday School lesson, Matthew Henry mentioned a Greek word in his commentary of Acts, sooooo I got out my Greek New Testament, found the verse and the word, figured out the meaning of the sentence according to what I've learned thus far and got even more out of the commentary and the Word than I originally understood. What a privilege! God has truly blessed me to allow me the opportunity to learn all of this.

In other news, my Mary Kay has been going really well and I'm enjoying it still. I felt like I stagnated a little bit when school started because I was trying to figure out my system, but now that I've got a good routine going, I have picked back up and am running full steam ahead! Also, my National Sales Director came into town for a workshop on Tuesday and was really inspirational, helping give me a kick in the pants haha. She's a really sweet lady. I even qualified for a the Bronze level of achievement for August which is a big deal for a new consultant (just trust me on that).

Karate is my new best-friend. Man, I wish I had discovered this talent before! I am sore in places that I did not realize had muscles. The other night we began class (my second hour of class, I'd already been to one class) with 500 punches for a warm up. Okay so do me a favor really fast: Put your right arm out as if you're going to do arm circles, now feel that muscle right at the edge of your armpit that connects your bicep to your should (and what will be your chest muscles), THAT is the muscle that hurt the most. Odd. I had never had that muscle be in pain before. However, I am LOVING doing it. It takes a lot of focus, discipline and control, but that's like my middle name. It's like having to stand at attention in marching band for hours. When I'm in a stance in karate, sometimes I imagine Mr. Rankin staring at me while I stand at attention. Stand still in a controlled fashion? I can do this. So, I tested last Wednesday and got my BLUE BELT (the first colored belt) after only 3 weeks of training (I practice almost every day though). The Mummert family has been doing karate for ages, and it is tradition for them to have a dessert that is the same color as the belt you received, so last Wednesday we went to the in-laws house and had Blueberry Donuts! (I don't like anything else blueberry...) Here is a picture (taken a little late) of me, my blue belt, and my doughnut.

Love it!

We have "graduated" out of the nearly/newlywed Sunday School at church and are in the class that is Newlyweds & Parents of Newborns - this is sort of a stretch since no one has children and only two girls are even barely pregnant (the rest of them are avoiding drinking from the same water).We had our own version of the Amazing Race to finish off a good year with our fabulous teachers though!
We were paired with some friends: Morgan and Drew
I have also had many cooking adventures and will picture three here: a BEAUTIFUL cake made for Sara's birthday with the lovely Joanna Jones fun shaped pancakes and homemade cinnamon and sugar bagels! I'm going to put up another post after this about the angel food cake, but it has a lot of pictures to help someone else make it too. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Sugar is my favorite
That one is not a cat or batman, it's a tulip.
I hope you enjoyed my late post!

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  1. I DID! Enjoy it, that is. School, Mary Kay, church, karate, cooking. Sounds like life is good and busy. Excellent!