Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Radical Conviction

Hello Everyone... maybe you don't remember me, but my name is Claire and you like reading my blog (I hope).

So recently my Life Group (i.e. Sunday School) class decided that we didn't want just any ordinary life or relationship with Christ, but we wanted one that looks intentionally different from the world. We want a life that is infectious for Christ's name and leads people to Him just in its very nature.
Our first step was to begin small groups where we can be open, challenging and intimate with each other. We decided for a closed group format, some intense accountability, and we began to study Radical by David Platt.
From Day 1, this book has led to some intense conviction.

The chapter on deck for this week talked about poverty and how God has placed the church in a vital place to minister to their need. Many people that do not believe in God cite the injustice in the world as proof of His nonexistence. However, God has indeed done something about many of these injustices in that He created the church! Whoop! It was a heavy chapter, but such a great thing to consider. We took a look at our budget because we want to make sure that we are completely using our funds to glorify the Lord and give as He has called us to give. Some people that got on board with this in Platt's church had some incredible stories about what God had done through their generosity. God is so faithful to use us if we will seek His will and be open to Him. We are going to begin selling more of our stuff so that we can pay off our debt faster and give more of our income. Alongside this same notion, I went to a seminar on adoption and orphan care today. This just went right alongside what we had talked about in small group, because the orphans are the poor and are an integral part of the people we're called to serve (James 1:27). We looked at all forms of orphan care: adoption, foster care, supporting children overseas (Compassion International, CERI, etc), and supporting adoptive/foster families. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has called me and Cal to adopt children, I just do not know when yet.

Anyone else up for a healthy dose of conviction? Get to reading!

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