Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reflections on a Year

Mr. and Mrs. John Caleb Mummert

I have been counting down the moments until this Saturday when Cal and I will leave to celebrate our One Year Anniversary! I turned to Cal the other night and said, "Can you believe it's been a whole year!?" His response, "Yes. It's been a year." My very practical husband. He has been such an amazing addition to my life and I am beyond grateful for him. At the same time, marriage is not for the weak at hard. Marriage is hard. Marriage is a daily choice to turn, look at that man, smell the morning breath, and love him. To forget, even if only for a moment, your needs and look after the needs of another. Some times you're tired, unhappy, having "that time of the month", sick, frustrated, stressed and you still love. Some times you're happier than you ever thought possible, feel more love than you knew you could, and have this sense of "oneness" that comes only through marriage. God has done an amazing thing in His creation of marriage. 

I have also been looking back over the year and thinking about some of my favorite memories! So, I thought I would leave you with some memories, maybe a few pictures, and just a brief overview of a fun-filled year of growth with the Mummert family. Let's start from the very beginning... a very good place to start....
Our Honeymoon: All the Dove Chocolate dipped ice cream we could eat!

Bridal Portrait: Hillary Anne Photography
We got married December 19, 2009 at Travis Avenue Baptist Church, reception at Mira Vista Country Club and Honeymoon at The Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC. 

I began to learn how to bake and cook lots of tasty dinners!
 We celebrated our birthdays and dressed in some futuristic, spacy costumes!
Cal's brother graduated, leaving us sweaty and sun burned haha
I began to make some lovely cakes (this is the remnants of my bonfire cake) and celebrate Staci's birthday!
Cal convinced me to start taking karate- this is from when I got my blue belt, but I now have my orange belt and am working toward my green.
We were blessed by God to attend Camp Tallowood and invest in some amazing students!
We are making great friends through our newlywed life group
My baking zeal continued to get more elaborate with my s'more cupcake creation

 My niece's 1st Birthday! She is the cutest little girl in the history of time.
The Harry Potter premier was incredible! I dressed as Hermione and we waited in line starting at 9:30pm.
DNow with some fun ladies at Lakeside BC in Granbury, TX
Aggie pride as the Wrecking Crew took down Nebraska - they would later defeat t.u. to send us on to the Cotton Bowl!
We got and decorated our first real Christmas Tree while singing carols and watching movies. So fun!
We have been blessed to work with the college department at our church and we had Classy Christmas with these dapper men and fabulous ladies

A Gingerbread House making competition ended the season for Life Group
Our festive house!
  Merry Christmas! Remember the birth of Christ in this season, but also remember the best part! Christ didn't stay a baby but He group up, lived a perfect life, died and rose again to save us.
Happy Anniversary, Caleb - I love you!


  1. Could anyone be any more gorgeous than in that wedding picture??? :)
    Congrats on 1 year!

  2. Oh, poo! I meant to leave it in my last post! :)

    Congratulations on your first year! ;)