Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Favorite Things

These are a few (slash a lot) of my favorite things!

My Husband - this man is the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me

Family - go to love The Cousins and the whole family!

Friends - Staci Jessen! One of my best-friends!

Adoption - my latest passion, God is doing big things!

Snow! (or just Winter in general) It is currently sleeting so hard that it sounds like crinkling aluminum foil. We are supposed to have 3 inches of ice tomorrow and everything is closed.

Karate - great exercise and really gets me excited since its competitive!

Lime Green - Favorite Color! Love it! (Although really hard to wear...)

Classic Cars - I want to rebuild a '57 Thunderbird Convertible sooo badly!
Baking - yum. I am filling Cal's skinniness with cupcakes, etc

Chacos - gives me a new appreciation for the outdoors

Reading - the best

Dressing up in Costume

Parties! Doesn't Stella make YOU want to party!?

Ballroom Dancing - where a man feels like a man and a woman feels like a woman. Beautiful

Old Movies

Talking - possibly my oldest pastime

The Aggies - heart breaking and inspiring all at once

Seminary - I'm learning a lot! Dr. Lee's Hermeneutics is by far my favorite class

Percussion/Piano/Music of all kinds

Languages - I want to learn them all!

Photography - picture provided by the amazing Ashley Stineman and ForLoveOfYour Productions

So this was a lot of things that I like, but also a small insight into the mind of yours truly- Claire Elizabeth Thompson Amy Rachel Mummert.

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