Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big Changes

Well it looks like things are taking a major turn in the Mummert family

I got my green belt a couple weeks ago which was a big deal and extremely exciting!
We had green pie! It is vanilla ice cream, mint flavored stuff (Kent made it) and then we put chocolate sauce on top. Like mint chocolate chip ice cream, with more chocolate and a pie! It was incredibly tasty and I loved it.

In slightly larger news (see that, you had to endure the first half of the post before getting the second half) Cal has been offered a job in Houston and he has decided to take it. We have really prayed about Cal's work and really wanted to know where God would have us go. Cal is so excited at the prospect of this job and cannot wait to get started. What's the catch? We have to move in 2-3 weeks! WHOA! As you can imagine, I am having a bit of a panic attack, but Cal is continuing to reassure me that we will get everything done and it will be fine. I trust him! God is good and so far everything has fallen into place beyond perfectly so I know he will continue to provide for us. We are headed to Houston next weekend to look at apartments in the Cypress area (Northwest Houston).

Keep us in your prayers!

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