Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty...

... there's nothing my God cannot do *clap*clap*

So I have begun more and more to see that God is definitely moving us to Houston. It's not us, it was not our decision, it was not our working, it was His alone. The way things have worked out and fallen into place has been nothing short of supernatural.

So we (I like to talk about Cal and I in the plural even when it was not exactly something we did simultaneously) initially saw the job posting, but didn't think a lot about it since it was a more specific job than he currently does and it required more experience to apply then he currently has. So I wrote it off. We were not applying and that was fine. Well, later he said he wanted to think about applying, he thought he might like to apply and I was surprised! So we decided that we would pray about it and see if God would like us to apply. About a week later, Cal told me he felt like he was supposed to apply for this job. I trust him. We applied.

Not long afterward, he received an email requesting his first phone interview with the new company. We were just so excited to have someone call us back! We had applied for many jobs and never heard a word back. We still didn't think Cal would get the job because of its qualifications, but were thrilled to have an interview. At that interview, they requested a second phone interview with a different man from the company which was to happen on Friday (about a week later). In the second interview, they decided to fly him in and out of Houston for an interview two Fridays later! Whoa!

Cal came back from that interview on Friday evening and by Wednesday we had an offer letter from the company. So fast.

They wanted us to move in 3 weeks and I stepped into panic mode (if you know me, you can imagine my organization/planner self going into crazy stress mode). Cal gave his two weeks notice at his company, but it turned out they needed him to stay a bit longer. The two companies negotiated and gave us until the end of March to stay here. God provided for my craziness and eliminated our stress.

Looking into the area we discovered (and sort of already knew) that there was a campus of my seminary in Houston! I do not have many online credits left that I can take. We have been praying about whether I would just take online classes until I ran out, whether I would try and commute another semester (sooo rough), whether I would transfer, or whether I should take some time off to figure it all out. God provided to keep me in school.

We had no idea where we were going to live and really were not sure when we had time to figure it all out. We ended up having last weekend open, so after scouring the internet and making lists and charts about all our favorite apartments, we headed out for Houston to find an apartment. Many of them surprised us in good ways and bad ways. We were able to get one of the nicest apartments on our list (we initially thought it would be too pricey and just thought to visit it on a whim) because they are having a sale where they waive your deposit and the monthly rent is significantly cheaper. So much so that it ended up being cheaper than the one we intended to rent but had more space. God provided us a place to live that is safe and affordable.

I have been worried about starting over with friendships since I feel like it has taken me a year here to really find some good friends. I recently found out that one of my friends from college and her husband (also friends with Cal from Songfest) lived in the area where we were hoping to get an apartment. We also learned that one of Cal's high school friends had moved to that area. Cal's friend invited us to stay with them while we were in town, such a blessing, and it turns out that Cal's high school friends know my college friends. They go to the same small group and actually met because of Cal and I. When Cal's friend introduced himself in small group he mentioned his home town and my friends recognized it as Cal's home town. They both live within 10 minutes of our new apartment. God provided us with friendships, connections to churches, and a place to stay.

Lastly (for now anyway), my youth minister is a professor now and is always asking me when I'll move back to Texas because he gets prospective jobs in my field all the time that he thinks I would be suited for. So, he comes up to my dad one Sunday and tells him that he knows I'm not moving to Houston, but he gave my resume to two churches in the area because he thought I was perfect for the position! My dad's reply? She is moving to Houston!! So now I have a resume at two churches near where we will be living! God provided connections to churches and possibly a job (if not that, maybe some DNow and Camp work).

God is so good! It just makes me want to sing that children's song - "My God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do *clap*clap*"
He truly takes care of His children and confirms in our hearts His working when we take the step of faith for Him.

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  1. Wow! God is good! What part of Houston will you be in?