Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gospel for Asia

Discarded, Abandoned
and Abused -
But not Forgotten

Millions of children find themselves discarded, orphaned, abused in the sex trade or kidnapped and sold into bonded labor. Others are simply runaways. All of these scenarios have led to millions of abandoned children left behind by their society and culture.
  • There are 18 million street children in India.
  • Some are forced to beg, while others turn to prostitution and drugs.
  • In India alone, an estimated 11 million children are separated from their families.
  • Tens of thousands of baby girls are abandoned by their parents each year. 
Gospel for Asia is making a difference and providing a safe haven for the orphan! We should all be in prayer for these precious children who have been ignored by so many. They are God's creation and have not been forgotten by the Creator. He assigns them value, and we should do likewise.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scarves for Adoption

Say HELLO to Spring!! Spring is in the air and what more fun way to celebrate than a bright, colorful, cute spring scarf (light weight)? I'll tell you. A spring scarf that helps my sister adopt a beautiful little child from Ethiopia. 100% of the profits will go toward their adoption.

Don't these colors just make you happy! These Infinity Scarves are $12-15 for one loop and $15-20 for two loops (it depends on the cost of the fabric).
This is me modeling a two loop scarf! I don't have more of this fabric, but I'm sure I could find something to your taste. I currently have a bright colored stripe one loop ($13) and a floral two loop ($15) for sale. Pictures to come! If you know what kind of fabric you want, I can always custom choose a fabric for you. Also, if you have fabric and want to give it to me, the cost is only $10 to make it.
Sadly, Shipping is extra - $4 for anything inside the continental US.
Stella says, "Bring me a sibling to play with!" They are a precious family with hearts striving after the Lord. Let's help them bless a child's life.