Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scarves for Adoption

Say HELLO to Spring!! Spring is in the air and what more fun way to celebrate than a bright, colorful, cute spring scarf (light weight)? I'll tell you. A spring scarf that helps my sister adopt a beautiful little child from Ethiopia. 100% of the profits will go toward their adoption.

Don't these colors just make you happy! These Infinity Scarves are $12-15 for one loop and $15-20 for two loops (it depends on the cost of the fabric).
This is me modeling a two loop scarf! I don't have more of this fabric, but I'm sure I could find something to your taste. I currently have a bright colored stripe one loop ($13) and a floral two loop ($15) for sale. Pictures to come! If you know what kind of fabric you want, I can always custom choose a fabric for you. Also, if you have fabric and want to give it to me, the cost is only $10 to make it.
Sadly, Shipping is extra - $4 for anything inside the continental US.
Stella says, "Bring me a sibling to play with!" They are a precious family with hearts striving after the Lord. Let's help them bless a child's life.

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