Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thinking, Praying, Wishing, and Hoping

I am just ex-hausted. 
(P.s. I think that I got the idea to verbally hyphenate my words from How I Met Your Mother)

I feel like life has just been the most insane blur since April 1st. We definitely moved at what would be considered a bad time for school. I was taking an exam that week right after we moved, we had nothing unpacked, we left a ton of stuff in Mississippi (a whole other stressful story), my computer broke and took with it homework and a half finished paper, I was sick on and off for several weeks from being in Haiti, I was trying to do everything I needed to do for 15 hours of grad school classes online at the library (who lets you use the computer for about an hour if people are around, and does not have the same hours as me- not their fault), just a huge big mess. I survived finals and went straight into an I-term for Baptist Heritage (amazing prof, great classmates, insane homework load), then straight into this week's I-term for Psychology and Life Issues (much lighter on the homework front). It's not that big of a deal truthfully, just a little insight into my exhaustion and lack of presence online. People were freaking out because I hadn't emailed back in weeks, but I hadn't checked my email in weeks! Until a few days ago I had a constantly growing Inbox - if I hadn't gone through and deleted all of my facebook happy birthday emails (thanks to all- it was an amazing one!), I'd have hundreds. Man, even when the emails you have aren't important and are just facebook, there's something stressful about seeing a three digit number next to the word Inbox when you sign in. I would just sign out and start studying. One of those moments where you just get overwhelmed and think "not now".

SO, as I am coming up on halfway through the final week of my final I-term before summer, I am just thinking, praying, wishing, and hoping (although mostly praying) that I make it through this and get some sleep. The 'band (that's short for husband - I'm so cool) has been picking up a lot of the slack with cooking and stuff so he's just as exhausted. We were celebrating his birthday this weekend and Sunday (his actual birthday) we were trying decide what to do between lunch and ultimate frisbee and.... we fell asleep. If you know me, I do not take naps. If I am voluntarily taking a nap, I am sick. So this was a big deal. Granted it was only about 20 minutes, but still. Whew! I felt like a Zombie afterwards, like I took too much Benedryl the night before. Anyway, we are so close to some free time and I could not be more ready. I still have a class I'm taking all summer, but it's at my own pace and is only a 1 hour class. No worries. Lots of time to breathe. Praise God for all He's done to get me through it all - at first I told people I was running solely on adrenaline, but that's not true. I have been running solely on Jesus. There is no way any one else could function on as little sleep as I have been getting for so long. I can't remember the last day I woke up after the sun or after my husband (who actually has a real, and very hard job)! Monday is going to be a beautiful and magical day. Sign.

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