Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pinterest y mas

Well, I am on Pinterest and enjoying myself. I am planning to make raspberry swirled cheesecake mini's Tuesday. I'm in charge of dessert for home group.

We'll see how it goes, I'll let you know. I tried to copy and paste the picture here, but no dice. I will also add the pictures (if it's lovely) here and to my Facebook page (Claire's Confections).

On the other hand, I have a cough that simply will not go away. Lots of prayer can be headed that way. I am currently watching Gilmore Girls in the prayer that a mix of fast talking and hysterical laughter will push the cough right out of me. So far not so good, but at least I am wildly entertained. (Cal's at frisbee, you do the math) So recently because I have not been feeling awesome (my stomach has also been acting up, nausea style, it does this from time to time) I decided to take a break from productive reading and read something light. I have no finished the trilogy Both Sides of Time and its following books (tween love), and have started The Face on the Milk Carton yesterday but am almost finished. Tween lit clearly suits me when I'm in the mood for the mindless.

Today I do have the blessing of getting to go to a good friend's ordination ceremony. Despite all the teasing I've given him, I would have gone even if there was not free food because he and his wife are wonderful. Cal and I will miss them when they head overseas in a few months.