Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Starting Something New

Well, it looks like your favorite Claire has started something new again. I am trying to launch a baking business off the ground. We'll see right? I just started a facebook page for Claire's Confections that you are welcome to "like".
I had someone ask me the other day why I have become the queen of odd jobs and marketable hobbies and the truth is, couldn't everyone use a little bit at this point? Okay so not everyone, but a lot of us could use just that smidgeon more of income. I feel like God knows that and is providing for us in little ways. A booking here, a cake there, a babysitting job once in a while. God's still in control! Whoop! So get excited because this is the start of another fun thing that I'll be doing. The good news though?
I really do! There's almost nothing I'd rather do during the day. I made a sheet cake that looks kind of like tic-tac-toe squares last night, although I have to tell you that it was not the prettiest cake I've made. Turns out the cake was too hot to ice... oops. That's what happens when someone in your home group begs you to make cake at the last minute and you still have to go to the store for eggs. That's okay though, it wasn't meant to be super beautiful and it was delicious. I wanted to make something festive and Harry Potter themed because we are headed to the HARRY POTTER MIDNIGHT PREMIER (with me in costume) on Thursday, but again those last minute cakes do not lend themselves much to creativity.

Well, that's what's going on here. What are you up to?

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