Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Tour of our Apartment

Here's the tour!

Guest Room (doorway view)

Guest Room (corner view)

Guest Bathroom


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Dining Vicinity

Living Room (from kitchen)

Living Room (from doorway)

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom
Ta da! This is our apartment! I've had several requests for this one, so here you go! It's not finished or done, but it was mostly clean so that's good. Of course there are more pictures of the kitchen than anything else because it's obviously the most important room in the house haha! Enjoy!


  1. You guys have such a lovely home!!

  2. I call the blue bed in the guestroom!! Amber can have the pink one!! :)

  3. Your guest room looks really bright and cheery. Glad to see pictures of your place!