Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Ready for the Second Trimester

Well life is a-changing over at the Mummert locale. I am almost 14 weeks pregnant with a tiny baby bump (pictures to come later).
Our baby is peach sized!

My appetites are changing again. Out with the sweet and in with the salty. I tried milk again today, it tasted okay, but did not sit well so it looks like milk is still out. I am loving me some Cheetos, mmmmm. My body is super expanding (back pain anyone?) and some other more unpleasant side affects that I won't include for your reading pleasure. The nausea hasn't left, but I have made a new resolve this week that I will not let this infect my days with complaining. I refuse! Plus the Zofran medication is perhaps the most magical thing that God put in this pregnant woman's life. It's right up their with sonograms. I really believe that sonograms are like the life blood of pregnancy. No matter how terrible the week, seeing our baby, hearing the heartbeat, watching Doodle (our nickname) wiggle around. What an adorable baby we have and he or she isn't even out of the womb yet! I still haven't decided if posting your sonogram pictures is cute or weird yet. I understand tons of people do it and I never think they are gross, but I am just not convinced about my own yet. Maybe I'm really just selfish since they are precious to me, but we'll see. Feel free to weigh in on the sonogram picture issue.
I'm still in school and it is crazy busy. I am feeling really lazy today so that is why I'm blogging - it's not the best use of my time but it will have to do for the present. I'm exhausted. Maybe I'm just overtaxing my brain. Well it's medicine time, talk to you soon!

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