Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Break is Awesome.

So I felt bad because even though I updated you on my pregnancy, I didn't give you the updated belly picture! So here it is friends... here was me getting "dressed up" to hang out with some of Cal's friends who just moved to Houston.

I'm standing outside our bathroom, so it looks like I've been cleaning - do not be mistaken. Well I have been doing dishes, but I have not been cleaning the bathroom. The smell of the cleaner bothers me.

So the weather has been gorgeous and it makes me think of jumping in leaf piles and bonfires.

Cal and I have THE most adorable picture of us in a leaf pile but I couldn't find it - I've probably put it on my external hard drive. I am determined that this fall I will do some fun things like jump in a leaf pile, I will not be passed up just because I am pregnant and lazy. (Still waiting for that second trimester boost of energy and freedom from nausea)

So, what has been the best part of my first day of fall break? Sleep.

The baby has already been keeping me awake at night. Not that I can feel the baby, but with all the expansion my body is doing, sleep has been difficult. So I stayed up late with Cal last night (by late I mean 10:30) so that we could go to bed at the same time and so I slept late this morning. I seem to sleep better/harder that way. So I went back to bed after making Cal's lunch and getting him off to work. I slept over an hour!! It was awesome.

Yesterday was a great day but today has been a bit rougher, so keep us in your prayers. I am going to make this a good day though!

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  1. Aw, sorry about the rough sleep stuff. YOU are super cute, though, and this post was more than two weeks ago so you are due for another picture. Ready go.