Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, October 28, 2011

What I love about Friday!

I am 19 weeks pregnant and managed to keep all of my breakfast down today! Our baby is a growing machine and Doodle will have an official gender November 8th! 11 more days!
I am also fairly sure I am feeling the baby now which is great and freaky at the same time, haha.

Cal and I went to a super fancy, fun wedding last weekend and I got to get a new dress! Sooo cute!

I also had so much fun eating great food and hanging out with THE most amazing husband every! They had Disney World (sort of) themed food - caramel corn, caramel apples, coke/dr pepper floats, chocolate dipped mickey mouse head ice cream cones, beignets, and much more!

This was a harder week nausea-wise but I am surviving with some help. I even cooked and cleaned a bit this week, even some laundry.


  1. This totally makes me kick myself for not coming and seeing you at the wedding. Can I just take a random road trip to you soon?!

  2. You're pertty and that looks like a fun wedding! I agree, it's freaky when you realize that what you've been feeling is your baby moving around.