Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lots of Changes

We have a lot of changes coming our way and can I just say that it can be overwhelming. I called the Husb today to talk to him about babies, houses, and some other things to make sure I had the right information and it just hit us in a new way.

BIG changes are coming!

In the next two to three months we will have a REAL LIVE baby living with us. We will be taking care of another human being. I can't believe that God would allow us to take care of one of His Creations. On the one hand it is terrifying to think of being a parent and being in charge of another life. I am reading tons of books, but let's be honest that books can never fully prepare you to be a mom. God will be the only perfect guidance I can plan on. God has to be central or we'll never make it!

I also never pictured us choosing a more permanent location than an apartment. I mean, part of me assumed we would eventually want a house, but I did not plan on it being so soon. Sometimes God laughs at our plans doesn't He? He knows what the future holds for us and He is in control. His grace and provision are overwhelming. His plans are surprising - in a good way.

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