Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Victory and Valentine's

It's been a crazy week and a half! 
We closed on our house and passed into the 34 weeks mark! Here is us on the day of our closing once we had been given the keys to our new, beautiful home. I made sure to take a belly pic for your enjoyment. I'm getting pregnant big for sure and my muscles are screaming. My abs are so sore, but I know it'll be worth it once I see Rebekah's lovely face. 

This week we were also blessed by the arrival of our travel system! It's our stroller and infant car seat in one. Plus it's a great shade of GREEN! I love Green! Do I look like a natural pushing the stroller? We should be done painting RB's room this week and I will finally unveil the pictures of our progress. It's turning out to be really awesome. It's very whimsical I think. Our crib also came in, but since it is still in the box there is no picture. I want to get girl-friend some drawers for all of her clothes, books, diaper stuff, etc. We'll see!

So Valentine's Day was yesterday and I'll just be honest that I did not have high expectations. Cal and I are not big celebrators and are typically not super romantic. Last year we spent Valentine's Day looking for apartments in Houston. When we were dating we forgot it was Valentine's Day and tried to go out to eat only to stand in line forever hahaha. So this year I've been feeling a little... unattractive and unlovable. Cal is the picture of love to me, constantly showing me he loves me but as anyone else who has ever been pregnant knows, I need a lot more reassurance with all these hormones. It's like my mind often times tells me that it's just the hormones, but it is hard to convince my heart/emotions. God has been so faithful to reassure me and to give me a husband who is incredibly patient and loving. We thought about doing the traditional romantic dinner out and a movie (This Means War), but I cannot sit still that long. I'll cry! Literally. Anyway, our plan was to watch a sappy movie (my choice - Pride and Prejudice, Keira Knightly version) and eat something fun. So I was washing dishes (our dishwasher broke) and there was a knock at the door. Flowers! It's been ages since I got flowers and this was one of those days that I needed it. What an amazing husband!

Then, when the sweetest man in the world got home from working hard all day he said, "I heard someone has been craving chocolate?" Then gave me these! I like to write him a note everyday in his lunch so he wrote me one for Valentine's. It was incredibly sweet! I love this man so so much.

We then made a special dinner together - steak and loaded baked potatoes. Cal grilled the steaks on our charcoal grill and was so excited to get to grill at the new house! The steaks came out wonderfully too!

For dessert we had some Sparkling Cider and chocolate cupcakes - yummmmm. We drank the entire bottle of Sparkling Cider and it was so tasty. I love love this stuff. Even pre-pregnancy (and pre-seminary) I didn't like wine or champagne even for special occasions but I could drink Sparkling Cider all day long. I'm sure that the seminary appreciates the ease at which I can abstain from alcohol.

This is the love of my life right here! 

I hope everyone took a moment for Valentine's Day just to be thankful that there are people in your life that love you even if it's not a spouse or significant other.

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