Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Day the Earth Stood Still

It has been a long process that God is still using to grow us, but at least now we have been blessed with the arrival of THE cutest little girl in the whole world - Rebekah Blakely Mummert.

Friday morning, March 16th, 2012 - Because of all the kidney drama that has surrounded Baby Girl's entrance into the world, the doctor's decided to induce me at 39 weeks on the nose. (Side note: My L&D nurse friend Anne Marie told me that it's illegal in Texas to induce before 39 weeks) This made me anxious in both the good and the bad way, but we got set and ready to go. We were determined that, despite the unwanted addition of Pitocin into our regimen, I was going to make it through this labor without any pain medication. We arrived at 5:30am and by 6am had begun the Pitocin and with it the contractions. We became "famous" on our floor pretty quickly (i.e. "Oh yoooour the ones trying to go natural on Pitocin - good luck!"). 

At the beginning the contractions, though uncomfortable, weren't that bad so we decided to watch movies. We watched Juno because we thought it was appropriate given the circumstances (although we kept our baby) and then we watched Beauty and the Beast... because I wanted to haha. After the two movies had ended, the contractions were already bad enough that I did not want to turn anything else on the TV. I was concentrating. The doctor predicted that we would have our baby by 3:30pm at the rate I was going. Now insert the NAP (natural alignment plateau) and we lost some steam. I turned to Cal at 3:30pm and said, "Remember that time they thought we would have delivered by 3:30?" Needless to say we did not, but through the amazing help of my ever patient and encouraging husband (not to mention a boatload of ice chips and a wet wash cloth) we were still taking each contraction sans pain medication. One of the nurses thought I was crazy. I was really worried that I was going to be one of those women who threw things, uttered words that could not be repeated in public, and constantly berated my husband during labor. No joke! This was one of my biggest fears. I didn't want to say something I couldn't take back. Cal and I had even already talked about how he should handle that moment and how he could talk to me about it later. Turns out my personality did a flip flop and I did not speak above a whisper the entire time, rarely uttering more than 1 or 2 words to describe what I needed/wanted. 

Getting closer to dinner time I was having the overbearing urge to push despite the disbelief of my nurse and we began the pushing process. I looked at Cal with extreme joy because we had made it! We were going to have a natural birth (minus pitocin) and all would be right with the world! Well we pushed and pushed for 2 hours before the doctor realized that Rebekah was not making any progress. She just would not descend. The more I pushed, the more damage I did to myself, buy she seemed unaltered by my efforts. My body was getting so weak that I could no longer control my leg muscles. Then, I developed a fever and came down with Chorio. The Chorio affects me and the baby, so between that and her lack of progress my doctor decided that they needed to get Little Bit out pronto. Enter the my least favorite phrase "C-Section". After all that natural laboring we had a C-section. Although I was disappointed, I knew it was what was best for RB's health and that my doctor also had my health in mind. She had been on our side from the beginning, never violating our trust, so I knew she would not suggest it if it were not necessary. So prep began for a C-section.
Rebekah Blakely Mummert was born at approximately 9pm. 7lbs. 15oz. 20 3/4in long - Praise God!

We ask for your continued prayer for her kidneys as she still has hydronephrosis in both and is on antibiotics at the present. She will begin all her lovely tests next week.

Tidbits of the moment: She has a lot of jet black hair, she has a little whirlpool on her forehead where her hair grows in a curl pattern, she has a cowlick (i.e. Cal-lick) on her crown, she has beautiful and big wide set eyes that are daaark grey (for now), she has crazy strong legs, she can sleep through anything, she prefers to sleep on her mommy, she hates her bassinet, she hates diaper changes, she is an excellent eater, she is the cutest most beautiful baby ever born

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Long Day's Journey Into Night

Well I'm afraid that you will not be getting a 39 weeks pregnancy belly pic this Friday, but first a story that tells you why...