Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, March 9, 2012

38 Weeks

We have made it, against all odds, to 38 Weeks! Our little girls is now the size of a Pumpkin!

My bags are packed and I am ready to head to the hospital at a moments notice! You're getting a small glimpse into our new house here too. I'm in the living room and the camera is perched on top of our "bar". You can kind of see the swing chillin' on the right in front of the camera, our built in display shelves on the right, and our TV on the left. This is the "entry" into our living room any way.

Rebekah Blakely is a'kickin' and a'movin' these days and entertains her daddy a lot because you can see her moving from the outside. Sometimes she'll even kind of "play" with Cal because he'll poke her and she'll poke back. Her favorite thing to do is stick her little tookus (i.e. her bottom) out into my ribs. She's stuck in a particular position which is nice because I know which body parts are what generally when she moves. I'm sleeping less, but not always due to pain. Sometimes it's just because I'm antsy. I'm ready for her to be here! We have been blessed in that the Pediatric Urologist has decided we do not need to induce her early, but that also means that she could wait until after she's due to make her debut. I'm sure you can understand that the waiting is getting crazy especially since she was expected to show up around now.

On the down side, I think every pain, BH contraction, or need to go to the restroom could be a sign that labor is imminent. On the up side, every one answers my calls really quickly or calls me back right away because they are afraid to miss the phone call, haha. (I feel sort of bad about this, but it's kind of nice too - it makes you feel very loved)

We got to see her little face on a sonogram (not 4D or anything fancy, just the regular kind) and she smiled at me. The last time she was frowning so I was glad to see that she was smiling. She also has hair! Pretty exciting stuff right there. She's not a fan of sonograms and generally moves out of the way making it difficult for them to get all of her measurements, but she was pretty cooperative last week! She likes to put her hands on her face like she's hiding from the camera haha (a trait she gets from Lindsey aka Aunt Lulu I think), but we've never seen her suck her thumb so maybe she'll skip that stage??

So for now Rebekah Blakely Watch 2012 is still on, but hopefully we will have news to report soon!


  1. I L.O.V.E being AUNT LULU!!!! aaaaaaahhhhhh!! Please come on out RB!

  2. Oh, and some one please get this girl some skinny jeans... those look like they SWALLOW you!!