Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Exodus 1 - The Midwives

So I was reading in Exodus 1 today and had some thoughts that I am going to share with you - get excited.

So Pharaoh was worried about how large the group of Israelites had gotten. This is not a super spiritual post, but I am thinking through Pharaoh's actions here. His first step is to make life for them extremely difficult by putting them in slavery. My first thought here was that if their "work life" is so terrible, than the only solace they have is in their "home life". I don't want to be graphic, but if your work life is that bad... no wonder they are cranking out children like it's 1999. If you can't connect the dots, feel free to facebook me haha.

Anyway, so this doesn't work in Pharaoh's favor because the Israelites are just multiplying rather than decreasing which is his desire. You'd think after all the incredible years they had due to Joseph would buy the Israelites some grace, but people are sinful and self-seeking. So Pharaoh instructs the Hebrew midwives to start killing the boys when they are born. Whoa! Talk about jumping to extraordinary measures. I still wonder how this would have worked exactly, because it's not like the person could be fooled into thinking there was no baby. I am about to pop with baby numero uno and I have no doubt that 1) I am pregnant and 2) after all the insane labor pain, a baby will appear. So I'm not sure how this was to be accomplished (and I don't think Pharaoh cared either), but it was ordered. The cool part is that the midwives feared God. The midwives put more stock in God, in His promises, in His person, in His wrath, than that of Pharaoh. Good call. The midwives make up a lie for Pharaoh when he asks why they have not murdered these little boys and God rewards them with families of their own.

So despite all the sarcasm and hilarity that has existed within these paragraphs, I did learn something. WE need to fear God. We need to put our hope in His promises and His person. We need to be aware of His wrath and anger. We need to remember the truth of the gospel and the cost of the cross. We need to put our fears on the shoulders of Christ who has already carried all for our sake. The world may continue to spiral out of control and downward (Pharaoh certainly did not learn his lesson and continues to commit atrocities), but we are in charge of what we do with us. We are responsible for the choices we have made. We want to affect others for sure, but ultimately we cannot make others do what is right and fear God when they do not know Him. We need to fear God.

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