Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Growing into Kidneys

Well the most recent update is good and bad-ish at the same time. It's not really bad, but... well you'll see.

Cutest little bath time baby ever
So, she had a VCUG (please do not ask what this stands for, I do nooot know) which determines that she does not have reflux. I have heard many people are thinking that when we said reflux, we meant acid reflux. That's not the case, although I'm thankful she doesn't seem to have that either! This would have meant that the "clean" urine that went from her kidneys to her bladder was coming back up from the bladder (aka no longer "clean") and into her kidneys - infection city. So they injected dye into her bladder and scanned her a few times to see if it would come back up into her kidneys. It did not which is great news. I will say that the procedure was traumatic for both baby and mommy, but we survived. I managed not to cry as they held down her arms and legs, put a catheter in, and did the test. Claire - 1, Hospital - 0

They also did some bloodwork where they took 2 whole vials of blood from baby girl's arm. Man, that angry cry is something I am now quite familiar with. They did this to determine if her kidneys were functioning. They are! Well at least one of them is functioning. The blood tells the doctor if there is functioning kidney available, but does not let the doctor know if it's coming from both kidneys or just one. But for the moment at least one (which is liveable) is functioning and she is making tons of pee filled diapers. I also managed not to get hysterical at this appointment and only let one tear out during the appointment. Claire - 2, Hospital - 0

The bad-ish news is that we don't know what is wrong and that we have to wait until she is 4 months old for the next appointment to see what happens. She may grow out of it on her own (or as some people have humorously joked, she will grow into her kidneys) or it may get worse, but it won't be enough to tell until she is 4 months old. So we are in a waiting pattern for now and she is on antibiotics to keep her from getting any infections until we know more.

In the mean time, enjoy this adorable picture of Rebekah's first bath experience (which she hated)!

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  1. I am so glad to hear that she is doing well! I can sympathize on a few levels here; 1. I had reflux and surgery when I was 3, so i know that. I remember pieces of various things. 2. At McKaela's 6 month check-up she had not gained a thing since her 4 month and had actually lost. Since we had no idea what was going on we went through all of the blood work and they had to wrap her up like a burrito with one arm sticking out to draw blood and they took a good 2-4 vials...we had to do this on two separate occasions; once for the initial check and again to verify. It took us a good month to get her to where she gained anything and that was scary; all of the possibilities. It is so hard being a mother sometimes because we want to fix everything and some things we just cannot fix ourselves. You are doing an awesome job! She is beautiful!