Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, April 27, 2012

I finally get it


Love this little girl! Isn't she the cutest!

Today I had one of those days where I finally understood. Before today I could not understand why some people would silence their entire house while their baby slept when everyone tells you to keep it loud so that they will sleep better. I've kept our house fairly loud or at least have done all of my regular stuff while she slept, but it turns out that I was mostly just blessed with a baby who sleeps well. She can sleep through just about anything, Praise the Lord. (literally!!) Don't get me wrong, she had bad naps but overall she slept a good amount each day. 

Well today started out like any other day. She slept two sessions that were 4-5 hours apart (well from beginning of the feeding to beginning of the next feeding) and I was set to take a morning nap from 6:30-9:30am because she usually sleeps just beautifully at this time of day. I'm not always tired at this time of day so sometimes it's just a resting time where I get to read or just have some "me time", but today I was tired. Anyway, I curl up under the covers after checking the monitor's volume 3 times like the paranoid first time mom I am, and Little Bit has (what I'm thinking at the time) the nerve to wake up and demand more food from me! So I think that maybe she just didn't get enough last time or maybe she burped after I put her down so she needs to be topped off. Nope, she had another full feeding. Maybe this is another growth spurt and she'll eat more often? In that case, she would still sleep an hour or so. 

Did she go to bed? No.

In fact, she did not take a good nap pretty much all day. She slept in the car on the way to my doctor's appointment (getting my vaccines updated so I can register for classes), but stayed awake through the whole appointment. She slept a tad bit between two of her feedings, but she would only sleep if she was laying on me. I think you can imagine that I was a bit low on my caloric intake today. You just stop thinking about yourself and what you need when all you do all day is change diapers and try to entertain your little girl. I even put her down to let her cry it out several times, but she just would not sleep. Goodness gracious. When she finally cried it out and went down around 4-4:30pm I just collapsed on the couch. I realized that I had not had more than a bowl of soup all day so I fed myself and turned on a stupid TV show that did not require my in-depth attention. When the husband came home I almost told him not to speak just to make sure that she didn't wake up. I wanted to turn off the TV show, not microwave my food, leave the door open for Cal, and put my phone on silent. I wanted to stop the dishwasher and do just anything I could to keep her asleep. While I didn't do all of this because I was mostly just too exhausted to muster up the energy, I got it. I understood why this desire is so so tempting. Your nerves are rattled, you're tired, you're hungry, you need some space even. Then (in my case) the husband comes home but has an engagement to help move someone and cannot lend a hand, so you think to yourself "she has to sleep or I'll lose it". So though she is sleeping now and will hopefully sleep well tonight, I feel like I had a revelation today.

Now I sit here, watching hulu (Saturday Night Glee-ver anyone?), and taking careful breaths because I know she could wake up at any moment and I need to savor this time of rest that God has graciously given me. I should probably go ahead and eat dinner. 

Happy 6 Weeks!

First Family Photo - Taken on my birthday at the Waterwall


  1. She IS the cutest. Hands down! I cannot cannot wait to meet her someday. And to see you, of course. Love!

  2. You are doing a great job sis! The sleep gets better and better with time!