Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rebekah's First Post

(Note: Rebekah cannot actually type or tell me any of this at this point, so as her mother I am guess-ta-mating)

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Now I know that technically the 23rd starts at midnight and so you should get to start your birthday (or as you have been trying to convince me, birth week) immediately, but I just want you to know... I have other plans. In fact, I think I'll be hitting a growth spurt about 8pm. That means that all night I will be waking up every 2 hours instead of the 3-5 hours you have become accustom to over the past couple weeks. I hope you don't mind. Well, even if you do mind... sorry. You really are my only source of food and diaper changing at 3am. I let Daddy calm me down until midnight so that we could start your birthday off together. Quality bonding time! I know it doesn't feel like affection when you're sleep deprived, but tomorrow when you look back on our night together you will again feel those maternal instincts and be glad that we have this connection. You will not be sorry that you got up with me every time I cried to feed me. You will feel blessed by my life and will even stop to pray and thank the Lord for me. Trust me. It's hard now, it doesn't feel like a birthday present at the moment, but once the sun comes up you'll feel better. You will feel like it's all worth it. You will feel like a good mommy and my happy little sleepy face as I fall asleep in your lap yet again will say it all. You might even feel the need to take pictures of me even though it's your birthday.

I love you, I know you, I see you, I prefer you, Happy Birthday,

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