Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, May 21, 2012

Many Firsts!

Well this weekend and today has definitely been a time of firsts for this Mummert family!

This last week we celebrated the amazing Cal Mummert's birthday! He is 26 years old! His birthday was on a Tuesday so I made him his requested cake (Cheesecake with Caramel and Chocolate drizzled on top), but we did not do any real celebrating since we have Home Group on Tuesdays. Also, his surprise gift that I got arrived in the mail a week early as planned, but the delivery guy did not knock on the door to tell me it was there. So when Cal got home his grill table was sitting on the porch. Surprise! Since my big plans had been spoiled a bit we decided to do a little celebrating everyday: eating cake, watching a movie he likes, letting him do less diaper duty (haha punny) than normal, etc. Then on Friday we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse.... alone. That's right! Rebekah had her first experience with a babysitter! Our wonderful friends, Anne Marie and Jonah, kept her for us. She did beautifully for them (yaaay!) and gave us some quality marriage time over dinner. 

THEN, we spent the night at Anne Marie and Jonah's house! We are doing this study with three other couples called the Truth Project where we talk about who God is, what is truth, etc after watching a video. So all the couples were spending the night. Rebekah had her first night away from home and slept so well! We brought her pack n play and she slept until 3am (starting at 9:30), then again until 7. She also ate well the whole time. She really loves Anne Marie and Jonah so she slept in some friendly arms during the weekend too. Their house is so quiet and peaceful, plus it always has this relaxing music playing in it so you feel like you're at a spa all the time. 

THEN, Sunday was Rebekah's first venture into the nursery at church. She's had her vaccines so she was allowed in. Cal and I felt like we were missing appendages as we walked to Sunday School and taught without her there. I fed her between SS and Big Church (it will always be called that), then she went back for some more quality time. That night we didn't put her in the nursery but she started getting really upset during the service so I was holding my sweet, screaming baby outside. One of the nursery workers saw me and came over. She wanted to give me a break (RB had been upset for a while and she'd heard her), so Rebekah got another time (although this time only about 30 minutes) in the nursery. We were so lucky because she had the same worker, Debbie, who is the most heavenly lady and Rebekah seems to really like her. I think Rebekah really likes people in general (a trait she got from her mother I think :D haha) but you can believe that Debbie was in my prayers of thanks last night. She just wrapped Rebekah up in a blanket and set to rocking her. I am so thankful for those patient, Godly people who serve in this way. 

THEN (I know you thought I was done), Rebekah and I were having quality time this morning - she's become quite the smiley baby- and I decided to give her some tummy time before nap. She hate hate hates tummy time. She lasts maybe 2 minutes before she dissolves into crying each time, but I know it's good for her so we still do it. Her head is getting so strong! Her favorite way to practice though is to lay on Cal or me and practice that way. Either way, I put her down for some tummy time and she started trying to roll over like she always does. Except today... she was SUCCESSFUL! She pulled her leg up, then got onto her side and teetered a bit before she rolled all the way over! SO Excited!! I wanted to get it on video so I put her back on her tummy to video it. This time she just rolled over like it was no thing. So I'm sorry that you don't get to see the inaugural roll, but here is the second video. She starts crying at the end because she is ready for nap and has had enough of tummy time haha!



  1. WOW!! So much happening! Happy birthday, Cal. Happy firsts for RB. That is so great that she likes people! It's kind of a pain when they don't (*cough*MARA). Of course no matter how much she likes others, you'll always be the one she wants above all!

  2. haha, i like that you called it "Big Church". that's what we always used to call it too! :]