Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rebekah's Dedication

We were so blessed to celebrate my very first Mother's Day this past Sunday! Not only was it special because I am a mother for the first time, but we got to dedicate Rebekah Blakely to the Lord on the same day. My Parents, Cal's Parents, my Sister (Michelle) and my Nana all came into town for this blessed event. They spent the weekend passing Rebekah around and giving her some love. Here is a quick video of the dedication. I know you can't hear what Dr. Brooks says to us, but just know it was a sweet blessing for our little girl to grow up in the Lord. Praise the Lord for this beautiful little life! My amazing husband even surprised me that evening. I knew that "Rebekah" [Cal] had gotten me a card for Mother's Day, but what I did not expect was a gift card for a massage inside the card! What a perfect gift for us tired mommies. I can't wait to schedule it!


P.S. It's Cal's Birthday today!

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