Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, June 11, 2012

Alone Time

I know what you're thinking. You are thinking (most likely anyway) that this will be a blog post about me needing alone time or receiving alone time recently. Far from it! I hate alone time. I do not function well if I am left alone to my own devices for too long. I don't like to study in libraries because they are too quiet, I do not enjoy it when Cal goes out of town, and I am most rejuvenated by a crowd of people. I walk into a room full of people I do not know and do not think "oh no" instead I feel the opportunity to make lots of friends. My husband, however, is not like this. But this is not a blog about him either. This is a blog about the Little One.

I think that while she loves people, and she really does, that my daughter is not like me in that she needs alone time. I think that maybe even my presence is occasionally overstimulating for her. There are just so many things in the living room/bedroom/kitchen/wherever to look at and take in. Her little world is rocked daily! It's like when we go on vacation to a foreign country, but spend so much time trying to see the sites that we come how more tired than we left. But it's like that every day of her life!

We have been doing the eat-play-sleep-repeat philosophy in this house. It works really well for us, so I am not going to change my strategy for now. We even have some little routines that I think are good. We always change her diaper before she eats, we always swaddle her before bed, every time she wakes up I tell her I love her and that she's beautiful. These are things that are important to me right now. These are the little things that add to my sanity each day. So she will eat (fingers crossed - we are having a few battles now and then at the present), then we will play if she will stay awake (sometimes she goes to bed and there is just nothing you can do to keep her awake). We sing songs, we do head/shoulders/knees/toes in 3 languages (I'm determined that she will be multilingual), we dance, we make faces, we read books, we chat, we have some much dreaded tummy time, and sometimes she hangs out in the bouncy seat while I narrate my activities. But after a time she begins to act sleepy, yawny, or even starts making some occasional fussy sounds and that is my cue that it is bed time. Here's where the alone time comes in to play. I have realized that when I put her down and she stops crying, she is not going to sleep.

In fact, she stays awake looking at the things around her crib. I have a blanket that hangs over the side of the far end and it has animals on it that she tends to stare at. There's also a giraffe attached to her crib that makes soothing sounds that she likes to look at. She likes to grab her blanket and try to suck on it (though it's usually too tight for this to work). She likes to kick off her blanket and work her hands and feet. She likes to stick her tongue in and out, tasting her fingers or maybe just the air on occasion. She likes to have alone time! She likes to play with just herself! Then she gets her second round of a little fussy where I re-wrap her up in a blanket a re-position her and she takes a nap. So I suppose we really work on a eat-play-play alone-sleep philosophy. I fully support her in this endeavor, but I just never cease to be amazed at the little personality coming from my almost 3 month old baby. What a blessing it is to be her mommy.

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  1. So... though you didn't get a Lindsey in looks you got a Lindsey in personality. I can't believe we are so different in this area. People plain wear me OUT! SJ likes alone time too.
    ps. that picture is sooo cute