Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Daddy's Day y mas

Happy Daddy's Day! 
Or as I like to say to my Dad, Happy Paddy's Day! (Long story)

Today is the husband's very first Father's Day and I can honestly say that he is an excellent Daddy. He changes diapers like a champ, burps the Little One almost every time, soothes her, holds her, and loves to let her sleep on him. (She also loves to sleep on him) She can tell when he's home and generally prefers him after a long day of mommy time. This is not me saying that she doesn't love me, but that she really treasures that evening time with daddy. He has been the proud recipient of many smiles and sweet noises these days. The above picture is the proud pappa himself. I even dressed her up so that she could be specially fitted for this time.

What a sweet relationship they already have. I am one proud wife and mommy. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father than I have in this man. I would not trade him for anything! He has the touch with her (he is excellent with a swaddle blanket) and it reminds me so much of the special relationship I have with my Daddy. I pray daily that they will go on lots of Daddy-Daughter Dates and have endless walks as she talks his ear off. (That one is for you, Dad!) The relationship between a father and daughter is so sacred. I know that he will model to her the kind of husband she should look for just as my dad did for me. My dad always joked about how hard we were on boys, but that was only because the standard he set was so high.

In other news, the Babe turned 3 months old on Saturday! She is getting so much bigger and stronger. She impresses everyone she meets.

Remember how small she was just a couple months ago?

If you compare the pictures - she is still just as suspicious of the camera
She is moving her arms and legs like crazy these days and acts like she is dancing all the time. She is a pretty happy baby (when she's not hungry - don't get in the way of this baby when she's hungry) and is smiling a TON. She has even begun to bless me with some speech. I discovered it the other day as we played on a quilt on the floor. I was singing to her a song I made up (on the spot - they usually make no sense, but they rhyme!) and when I stopped to take a breath, she began to make noises. We went back and forth like this for several minutes!! Later I was showing her a book and when I would finish reading a page, it's like she would comment on the page. It's completely adorable and I love it.

Isn't this precious?

What a big girl she is growing up to be!

Lastly, the baking business has been taking off a little bit! Ever since I got hired to do the Champagne Cake, I have been getting a little more business! I got hired to a diabetic chocolate cake for Father's Day. I also got to experiment with Chocolate Souffle for a delayed birthday date with a super sweet friend! Here are the pictures!

The chocolate souffle may not look super special from this angle, but trust me.. it was heavenly. It is so light and delicate that you don't even feel any guilt for the immense chocolatey pleasure you get from eating it. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Oh! So cute! I'm glad you're taking lots of pictures of that precious little girl!!