Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Months!

Happy 5 Months of Life Baby Girl!

So I know this hasn't been the easiest 5 months of life on you, but trust me we will both figure this out slowly but surely. You are so precious to me even when I'm frustrated. I can't wait to see your personality come out more and more each day as I get to know the woman God is creating in you. You will always be beautiful to me no matter what. You are incredibly smart even at this young age. You impress me with all the things you try to accomplish each day (and with the amount of food you can knock out in a sitting haha). I feel so blessed to be your mommy! I know that we will not have a perfect relationship always and that no matter what I do it is highly unlikely we will look anything like the Gilmore duo, but know I will always be here for you. I will mess up and I will apologize. So will you! Let's just agree in advance to be a household of grace and forgiveness on both sides. I hope that you know from a young age that you are deeply loved, deeply cared for, and deeply prayed over. 

Happy Month Day!

Fun facts for month five:
Weight: 11 lbs .6 oz (although it's been weeks since her last weigh in)
Height: 26 in
Eating: Every two to three hours during the day
Sleeping: Two or three naps a day and sleeping all night!!
Diaper: Size 1-2
Clothing: Some 0-3 month and some 3-6 month (she is so skinny she can wear NB pants, but they are definitely capris now haha)

What's new for month five:
  • She is a rolling machine! She will only roll back to front these days (which is ironic because she used to only roll front to back), but does it continually. 
  • She is chewing on anything and everything she can get her hands on. Her favorites include: Mommy/Daddy's hands/knuckles, the back of spoons or forks, baby spoons, my face, her seahorse rattle, and straws. She loves to attempt to put things quite large into her mouth too which is hilarious.
  • She is reaching! She contorts her little body in all different ways attempting to reach her toys/books.
  • She loves to read and turn the pages of books. 
  • She loves to kick things really fast
  • She is trying (when on her tummy) to tuck her legs under her and push out! 
  • She loves peek-a-boo, flying baby, and pulling herself into the seated position on mommy's thumbs
  • She can almost pick herself all the way into seated by herself, she is just short of that
  • She loves to stand (with help)!! If you try to sit her up, she will plant her feet and push off to make herself stand.
  • She still won't laugh yet, but she does throw her head back and open her mouth really wide when she thinks things are funny (no sound). If she reeeaaally likes it, she will add a squeal. 
  • She is getting very talkative
  • I think she knows her name because she will turn to me when I call her name, but not always when I'm just talking to her. (We were a little worried about this because we don't often call her by her name, we tend to use nicknames)
  • She loves music, messing with Mommy's keyboard, and making funny sounds with her lips
  • She can sleep through anything (all God's work)
  • She loves grabbing those connected rings on her carseat and her ball with all the holes in it
  • She loves her "Jenny" (a blanket with a giraffe body on it that we named Jenny) and "Jerry" (her giraffe that is also a sound machine)
  • Her favorite blanket is pink, has little birds on it and has her name embroidered around the edges (thank you Monica Moore!) 
  • She sucks on her middle three fingers to put herself to sleep or comfort herself or just for fun. She will chew on her thumb, but never suck on it. 
  • She loves other people, but only one or two at a time. She hates crowds.
  • She views her clothes as just a portable blanket to chew on and suck on


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