Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Mind is a Scary Place

My mind is a scary place and today you will be privy to it. But there will be a reward at the end!

I spent years in useless discomfort. Seriously.
I was told from a very young age (I cannot remember who told me first) that if I crossed my legs I would get spider veins. Now at the time I had no idea what spider veins were, but the tone of these words indicated to me that they were bad. Very bad. So I have trained myself to cross my legs at the ankle or not cross at all. I have spent years of skirt/dress wearing in discomfort because I yearned to cross my legs like a regular human. No one told me the simple truth: If you have children (and I mean have as in birth), you will have spider veins. I was shaving my legs recently and realized that I have spider veins. All this time! I'm not bitter that I have spider veins, I'm bitter that I have missed out on crossing my legs all this time. You can rest assured that I will be crossing my legs in the future.

So I have a friend who one time asked me if I intentionally wash my feet in the shower (you'd have to understand the friend to understand why this isn't weird). I'd never really thought about it, but I do wash my feet because it just seems a natural side effect of washing in general. So now every time I wash my feet I think of them. It's odd.

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  1. Oh girl, the veins on my legs. They'd put your 80-year-old grandmother to shame. Good thing those boys were totally worth it! ;) And lovin' the pink kicks! She's a doll!