Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Welcome welcome all to another "secret" blog post by yours truly. I say secret not because it has any privacy settings, but because I will not post a link to this particular post on facebook. While I love that I can help people remember to look at the blog via facebook, I really only do that for posts I think have an audience of everyone. Pictures of Rebekah (some), good recipes, helpful contemplations, etc. But the sheer ramblings of my brain are left for you, the faithful, and you alone.

I am at that place in the day where there is not enough time left to do anything really productive, but I still have a couple of minutes to fill. So I was reading a blog about a friend's wedding last weekend and she put up her top 5 things about her wedding she would advise positively for others to use. I liked a lot of them and it made me think back to that big day, December 19th, 2009. What were my top 5? So here are some thoughts (not prioritized):

1. Do something quirky that represents you and nobody else! I have made a name for myself among some as a costume queen, always throwing costume parties for every occasion (especially my birthday). Since I couldn't get Cal on board with the 1950's theme I really wanted, we asked everyone to come in a color theme. We asked them all to wear red and black to our wedding. These were our colors, so it is so fun how everyone matches/coordinates in all the pictures. Nothing clashes! I'm not a fashion maven or anything, but I enjoyed the costume of it all. Simple, but elegant. On another quirky note, I had all the groomsmen carry lanterns down the aisle.

2. Make sure it is Scriptural. Don't just plan for a pretty wedding, plan for a Godly marriage. Make sure that you are considering Scripture and its implications with the way you plan your wedding. We tried to add in many aspects of OT covenant to our wedding to show how serious we took our vows. We wanted to make a covenant with each other and God, just as God made with Abraham.

3. Use your friends, but make sure that your expectations match their abilities. I got so lucky that an amazing family was able to do professional flowers, wedding planning, and wedding cake for me at a professional level. Blessed! I did not, however, realize all the photography talent I had around me to its fullest. I had some amazing vocalists and musicians at my disposal too. It just made the day that much more special to have people I loved involved.

4. Put money where it matters. Definitely spend money to have great photography. Definitely spend money to feel good about yourself in your dress (although don't get crazy). Definitely spend money on the funnest reception you can afford (don't get crazy). Definitely don't spend a ton of money on flowers and decor. Find a pretty place and then go minimal. You won't remember or care about the decor after the day is over, but you will remember how you danced all night!

5. Let it go. There's nothing you can do about so many things and you cannot please everyone. Decide in advance what battles you want to fight for, and let the rest of it go. I know you think that this is your big day, but try to be a little less self focused. This is the culmination of a lot of people's prayer, love, and work! If someone in your family feels really strongly about something you don't care much about, why not let them do it? It doesn't hurt you and it makes them feel loved and appreciated.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

6 Months

So I have to say that I am sort of a slacker Mommy for the moment. Rebekah turned 6 months last Sunday and so I took her picture, but it didn't turn out very well. So I took some more again the next day, and they were okay. But she had shots that day so there was no blogging time, then Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy! Wednesday night I came down with something and was unable to keep any food inside my body in any form until yesterday (crackers only). So today while I am still recovering and attempting to add some more sustenance to my body, I will blog about my 6 month old. I'm going to include an older picture, but it's only a week or two before she turned 6 months old.

Fun facts for month six:
Weight: 12 lbs .6 oz (praying that the addition of solids will chub up this baby!)
Height: 26 in
Eating: Every three hours during the day
Sleeping: Two or three naps a day and sleeping all night!!
Diaper: Size 2
Clothing: 3-6 month (although the pants are still giant, goodness gracious)
What's new for month six:
  • She always wants to be sitting up. She can sit up if you put her in the Boppy or if she is at a reclined position she can sit all the way up by herself, but can't get there from laying down. She can only sit up with no assistance for a few seconds (unless she has a toy in her lap and then she can do it for longer).
  • This is still true: She is chewing on anything and everything she can get her hands on. Her favorites include: Mommy/Daddy's hands/knuckles, the back of spoons or forks, baby spoons, my face, her seahorse rattle, and straws. She loves to attempt to put things quite large into her mouth too which is hilarious.
  • She has begun reaching for me when she wants me. It's the cutest thing. How can you say no to your baby when they are reaching out specifically for you?! 
  • If you say, "do you want up?" she will sometimes put her arms out so you can pick her up
  • She loves to kick things really fast
  • She hates tummy time these days. She is just so frustrated that she can't crawl!
  • She loves peek-a-boo, flying baby, and pulling herself into the seated position on mommy's thumbs
  • She loves to stand (with help). If you help her stand up, she can actually keep herself up by holding on to you.
  • She still won't laugh yet and I have started offering rewards for anyone who can get her to laugh. She does kind of like a one note laugh "ha." and does a really squeally inhale if she thinks something is really funny, but that's it.
  • She has gotten to where she won't sleep solidly through the night if we turn her sound machine on. She will wake up every time it times out, but if we just leave it off she will sleep just fine. So it looks like the reign of the sound machine is over.
  • Her favorite blanket is a blue, precious moments blanket that was Cal's as a baby
  • She loves reading in my lap, turning pages and chewing on books. She has even started to let me read her Bible stories (she used to not like books that weren't board books)
  • She hated avocado. Video to come haha. She made the most awful face when she tasted it and immediately spit it out. We kept trying for 4 days with absolutely no luck. I even mixed it in with breast milk and she managed to drink the milk but spit out the avocado. We are starting sweet potatoes today so we'll see!
  • We have our next kidney check up in November. Praise the Lord that thus far they have not hurt her in anyway and that she may be able to come off those antibiotics soon.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Singles Day!

Okay y'all, seriously, I have some of the coolest friends. And too many of them are single. No joke. I mean how are these girls not snatched up already? So in honor of one in particular, I am participating in Singles Day through Kelly's Korner! Here is just a little bit about one of my favorite people:

Raquel Maldonado
Any man would be completely lucky to have this woman in their life. We first met at Tallowood Baptist Church where she works and we went to camp together. While camp is always super fun, it would not have been the same without this girl. She is adventurous, hilarious, sarcastic, and Godly. How can you not love that? 

She loves to travel and see new things. She is always trying something new! She is currently even training to run a half marathon. Don't be intimidate though because she is also the sweetest person. She loves museums, good food, good TV, good movies, and working with the youth group!  She went to UT San Antonio and got a Fine Art Degree. She is also a current resident of Houston, Texas.

Raquel loves her family. She lives close to her brother so they are super tight and is a proud Aunt! She is great with babies (she is even great with my baby!) and I think she will make a fantastic mom some day. She loves to go visit her family in San Antonio and they are pretty tight knit. 

Raquel and her brother
One of my favorite things about Raquel is her sense of humor. She is definitely not afraid to be goofy! She loves to laugh! She is definitely able to be serious when it is called for, but she spends a lot of life laughing and goofing around. This girl can find a reason to smile in any situation. She is so uplifting and you can't help but be happy when you're around her. 

Oh my goodness, this woman loves the rodeo. She is on Houston's Rodeo Committee so that she can get involved with tons of events. You might not guess it at first glance because she is so classy, but she definitely has a streak of country going through her (no accent though). She doesn't just go for the music either, she just loves the rodeo!

Did I mention that she's adventurous and a haus? We have played softball together (she was way better than me), climbed up steep hills, and she even rode her bike 20 miles or so one time. Whew! She's amazing.

Raquel is also a fiercely loyal friend. Even when I couldn't get out much from being sick and pregnant, she stuck by my side. She even brought me cupcakes after my little one was born! She is so so thoughtful. She truly loves her friends and loves the Lord!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Social

I was a little bored this morning because the Babe has kept me up most of the night and now that she's sleeping I can't sleep. So though I do not usually blog on Sundays, here it goes.

Sunday Social

1. 5 items you can't live without on a daily basis(water, food, shelter, and clothes dont count)

My laptop (school, friends, skype with family), my pump (breastfeeding y'all), the Bumbo seat (life with a 6 month old who wants to be with you all the time), my cell phone (connection to the outside world haha), and my Brita filter... it's a weird list, but just go with it.
2. All time favorite book? Why?

This is so hard for someone who is a book junkie like me. I love to read everything! So, if we based it solely on the books I have read the most times it would be either Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings is such an incredible book. If you ever get the chance to get into the mind of Tolkien, you will be astounded. He had full languages and genealogies written for every character ever even mentioned in the books. I started reading them in 9th grade, maybe 8th grade and I have read them more than 10 times to my shame (I wish I had read them more). Every time I finish the books again it is liking waking from an incredible dream. Harry Potter is a bit lighter reading, but I always love an imaginative world where the boundaries between good and evil are clear and the characters sacrificially love each other.

3. Something you'd like to accomplish before the end of 2012

To lose that little mom pooch I have developed from growing a baby inside me for 9 months and to achieve the perfect liquid line (okay, not the second one but if you know where that quote is from, I'll be your best-friend)

4. If you could go back and relive any year of your life which year would it be?

If I was reliving in a good way, like re-experiencing all the wonderful times it would be my Junior year of High School or my Junior year of college. Something really fantastic about both of those years, lots of good memories. This is not to say that other years have not been great, but these two years were unnaturally lacking in problems... something about the word "Junior" I think, just kidding. If it was to go back and fix something then it would be either my Sophomore year of college or Senior year of college. I didn't do anything crazy, but there is one significant change I would make to just rid the year of some unnecessary drama. On the other hand, surviving that probably made me a better person and I would not want to get in the way of God's plans.

5. What do you wish people knew about you without you having to tell them? 

Tough girls need to be able to be vulnerable too. Just because I'm sarcastic and a little rough around the edges does not mean I don't need girl time, a good cry every now and then, a chick flick in my Blockbuster queue, or some sisterly advice.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am rewarding you for reading today by giving you the most adorable pictures in the world...

Happy Thursday!