Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Saturday, September 22, 2012

6 Months

So I have to say that I am sort of a slacker Mommy for the moment. Rebekah turned 6 months last Sunday and so I took her picture, but it didn't turn out very well. So I took some more again the next day, and they were okay. But she had shots that day so there was no blogging time, then Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy! Wednesday night I came down with something and was unable to keep any food inside my body in any form until yesterday (crackers only). So today while I am still recovering and attempting to add some more sustenance to my body, I will blog about my 6 month old. I'm going to include an older picture, but it's only a week or two before she turned 6 months old.

Fun facts for month six:
Weight: 12 lbs .6 oz (praying that the addition of solids will chub up this baby!)
Height: 26 in
Eating: Every three hours during the day
Sleeping: Two or three naps a day and sleeping all night!!
Diaper: Size 2
Clothing: 3-6 month (although the pants are still giant, goodness gracious)
What's new for month six:
  • She always wants to be sitting up. She can sit up if you put her in the Boppy or if she is at a reclined position she can sit all the way up by herself, but can't get there from laying down. She can only sit up with no assistance for a few seconds (unless she has a toy in her lap and then she can do it for longer).
  • This is still true: She is chewing on anything and everything she can get her hands on. Her favorites include: Mommy/Daddy's hands/knuckles, the back of spoons or forks, baby spoons, my face, her seahorse rattle, and straws. She loves to attempt to put things quite large into her mouth too which is hilarious.
  • She has begun reaching for me when she wants me. It's the cutest thing. How can you say no to your baby when they are reaching out specifically for you?! 
  • If you say, "do you want up?" she will sometimes put her arms out so you can pick her up
  • She loves to kick things really fast
  • She hates tummy time these days. She is just so frustrated that she can't crawl!
  • She loves peek-a-boo, flying baby, and pulling herself into the seated position on mommy's thumbs
  • She loves to stand (with help). If you help her stand up, she can actually keep herself up by holding on to you.
  • She still won't laugh yet and I have started offering rewards for anyone who can get her to laugh. She does kind of like a one note laugh "ha." and does a really squeally inhale if she thinks something is really funny, but that's it.
  • She has gotten to where she won't sleep solidly through the night if we turn her sound machine on. She will wake up every time it times out, but if we just leave it off she will sleep just fine. So it looks like the reign of the sound machine is over.
  • Her favorite blanket is a blue, precious moments blanket that was Cal's as a baby
  • She loves reading in my lap, turning pages and chewing on books. She has even started to let me read her Bible stories (she used to not like books that weren't board books)
  • She hated avocado. Video to come haha. She made the most awful face when she tasted it and immediately spit it out. We kept trying for 4 days with absolutely no luck. I even mixed it in with breast milk and she managed to drink the milk but spit out the avocado. We are starting sweet potatoes today so we'll see!
  • We have our next kidney check up in November. Praise the Lord that thus far they have not hurt her in anyway and that she may be able to come off those antibiotics soon.

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  1. So Cute! As I read, I went over my "mental checklist" of the things I make sure my 6 month olds can do at their well child checks and it sounds like she is above the curve developmentally (even if she is small for her age!) Woo Hoo!! Enjoy the first year, they grow up so fast!