Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, September 21, 2012

Singles Day!

Okay y'all, seriously, I have some of the coolest friends. And too many of them are single. No joke. I mean how are these girls not snatched up already? So in honor of one in particular, I am participating in Singles Day through Kelly's Korner! Here is just a little bit about one of my favorite people:

Raquel Maldonado
Any man would be completely lucky to have this woman in their life. We first met at Tallowood Baptist Church where she works and we went to camp together. While camp is always super fun, it would not have been the same without this girl. She is adventurous, hilarious, sarcastic, and Godly. How can you not love that? 

She loves to travel and see new things. She is always trying something new! She is currently even training to run a half marathon. Don't be intimidate though because she is also the sweetest person. She loves museums, good food, good TV, good movies, and working with the youth group!  She went to UT San Antonio and got a Fine Art Degree. She is also a current resident of Houston, Texas.

Raquel loves her family. She lives close to her brother so they are super tight and is a proud Aunt! She is great with babies (she is even great with my baby!) and I think she will make a fantastic mom some day. She loves to go visit her family in San Antonio and they are pretty tight knit. 

Raquel and her brother
One of my favorite things about Raquel is her sense of humor. She is definitely not afraid to be goofy! She loves to laugh! She is definitely able to be serious when it is called for, but she spends a lot of life laughing and goofing around. This girl can find a reason to smile in any situation. She is so uplifting and you can't help but be happy when you're around her. 

Oh my goodness, this woman loves the rodeo. She is on Houston's Rodeo Committee so that she can get involved with tons of events. You might not guess it at first glance because she is so classy, but she definitely has a streak of country going through her (no accent though). She doesn't just go for the music either, she just loves the rodeo!

Did I mention that she's adventurous and a haus? We have played softball together (she was way better than me), climbed up steep hills, and she even rode her bike 20 miles or so one time. Whew! She's amazing.

Raquel is also a fiercely loyal friend. Even when I couldn't get out much from being sick and pregnant, she stuck by my side. She even brought me cupcakes after my little one was born! She is so so thoughtful. She truly loves her friends and loves the Lord!

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  1. Love this post! I agree, Raquel is super duper amazing! :)