Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Welcome welcome all to another "secret" blog post by yours truly. I say secret not because it has any privacy settings, but because I will not post a link to this particular post on facebook. While I love that I can help people remember to look at the blog via facebook, I really only do that for posts I think have an audience of everyone. Pictures of Rebekah (some), good recipes, helpful contemplations, etc. But the sheer ramblings of my brain are left for you, the faithful, and you alone.

I am at that place in the day where there is not enough time left to do anything really productive, but I still have a couple of minutes to fill. So I was reading a blog about a friend's wedding last weekend and she put up her top 5 things about her wedding she would advise positively for others to use. I liked a lot of them and it made me think back to that big day, December 19th, 2009. What were my top 5? So here are some thoughts (not prioritized):

1. Do something quirky that represents you and nobody else! I have made a name for myself among some as a costume queen, always throwing costume parties for every occasion (especially my birthday). Since I couldn't get Cal on board with the 1950's theme I really wanted, we asked everyone to come in a color theme. We asked them all to wear red and black to our wedding. These were our colors, so it is so fun how everyone matches/coordinates in all the pictures. Nothing clashes! I'm not a fashion maven or anything, but I enjoyed the costume of it all. Simple, but elegant. On another quirky note, I had all the groomsmen carry lanterns down the aisle.

2. Make sure it is Scriptural. Don't just plan for a pretty wedding, plan for a Godly marriage. Make sure that you are considering Scripture and its implications with the way you plan your wedding. We tried to add in many aspects of OT covenant to our wedding to show how serious we took our vows. We wanted to make a covenant with each other and God, just as God made with Abraham.

3. Use your friends, but make sure that your expectations match their abilities. I got so lucky that an amazing family was able to do professional flowers, wedding planning, and wedding cake for me at a professional level. Blessed! I did not, however, realize all the photography talent I had around me to its fullest. I had some amazing vocalists and musicians at my disposal too. It just made the day that much more special to have people I loved involved.

4. Put money where it matters. Definitely spend money to have great photography. Definitely spend money to feel good about yourself in your dress (although don't get crazy). Definitely spend money on the funnest reception you can afford (don't get crazy). Definitely don't spend a ton of money on flowers and decor. Find a pretty place and then go minimal. You won't remember or care about the decor after the day is over, but you will remember how you danced all night!

5. Let it go. There's nothing you can do about so many things and you cannot please everyone. Decide in advance what battles you want to fight for, and let the rest of it go. I know you think that this is your big day, but try to be a little less self focused. This is the culmination of a lot of people's prayer, love, and work! If someone in your family feels really strongly about something you don't care much about, why not let them do it? It doesn't hurt you and it makes them feel loved and appreciated.

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