Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Musings

Well it looks like it is going to be a long day. The Babe only slept a few hours last night thanks to a lovely little thing called drainage that has taken up residence in her throat.

Talk about a day in the life of Claire
I have also been suctioning a snotty nose. I told someone she was snotty yesterday and they were surprised that I could think a baby so young, my baby, was rude. Haha. I was being literal. She is literally snotty, snot is coming out of her nose. She snots on me every time she sneezes or eats. You know a girl is tired when she falls asleep while you change her diaper. I slept on the couch so that at least one of the adults in this family got some sleep. (p.s. Cal does this for me all the time probably actually more often than I do it for him. He's awesome.)

I baked cupcakes for some girls yesterday who decided they didn't want them - sad face.

Do you ever feel like everyone else in the world (well at least all of my friends who are female) is stylish and has figured out their clothing niche except you? I like so many different styles, but I feel like none of them actually look right on me. I have decided that I no longer have a traditional body type. My current body type is: mom.

On a similar note, I am buying some new running shoes today or tomorrow because I am cleared to run again. Being told by your doctor that you can't exercise is an odd sensation.

RB liked my Dad when he came to visit! It took a day to figure him out, but she came around and was smiling and reaching for him by his last day here. We even got to skype with mi hermana while he was here - spoiled! SJ kept making hilarious faces at RB trying to get her to laugh.

RB laughed on Saturday for the first time!! 10/6/12 - We were in the Johnny Jumper and playing that "ooooooo Boo!" game, when she let out an audible laugh. I almost died! Cal was outside mowing and I ran outside to tell him. We have tried and tried to get her to do it again with no success, but we will not give up.

There are a pair of Toms (Desert Wedges in Brown suede mmmmmm) that are beginning to cross that line in my mind between want and need. Maybe if I sell more cakes, I can convince Cal to let me get them.

We finally replaced the Jetta after a long saga last week! The good news is the Jetta is dead and can no longer hurt anyone any more and we got a beautiful '06 Honda Accord (Manual Transmission for Cal). The bad news is we realized that now that we like to use both cars, we want to get a second base for our carseat. Should we go ahead and make the plunge or should we wait since we will probably be in the convertible carseat in less than 6 months?

I made fun cupcakes for the cutest 3 year old's Buzz Lightyear birthday party this weekend and part of my thumb is still dyed dark violet from working the fondant, haha.

I got to hang out with my awesome friend, TC, the other night. We finally found time to get together and stayed up well past 2am talking at a local diner. Worth it! It didn't even feel late.

I think I'm going to have to break down and purchase some adult clothes because most of my clothes aren't work appropriate. Bummer.

Why is it that when you have one expense, it seems like you end up having a million expenses? But, then you can have a whole month where nothing is unexpected. I wish we could just plan it so that they happen over the whole year and not all at once! Silly expenses. It's a good thing we save in the easy months. Praise the Lord for His wisdom there.

I just finished Romans - whoa.

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