Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Change My Life

What are the moments that made you realize your life was changed forever? I'm talking about after you got married, after you had a baby, whatever. There are those moments that change your life forever.

After I had Rebekah, I knew life would never be the same in my head, but I also thought that there would be a large degree of "normal" that would return. Wrong, haha. I didn't feel like a mommy right away. I thought I would come home and immediately feel like a mom. While I still love loved my daughter without any doubt, I still sometimes don't feel like a mommy. I'm her mommy, but I'm not what I think of when I think of a mom. Odd. Anyway...
So here are some moments where I realized that life would never be the same (not a bad thing):

I was mopping the floor the other day and it took me 3 swiffer mop pad things to clean up just around the table. I should have swept too because there were little crumbs of food all around her highchair.

The other day, she didn't wake up early and I did anyway.

I went to work with pureed banana smeared down my shirt and I didn't notice.

Last and best!

Today RB was sitting up and playing with her stacking cups with love. She decided to reach for a block and got a little too much momentum forward, so she fell over. Don't worry she wasn't hurt or anything, but she was upset. She had this super sad look on her face and then looked up and cried, "Mama!" before starting to cry. She knew me. I almost cried myself.


  1. How precious!! Love it. Can't wait for Parker to start talking!

  2. :) I babysat one of the cute 2 year olds in our homegroup recently and had a similar experience (even though I wasn't her mom)- so sweet!